21 November 2018

This Week's BEST Green Beauty Sales (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

Is anyone else totally overwhelmed by how early all the sales started this year?  I usually put this list up on the Thursday, but I already feel like I'm way behind in posting it today!  This year, I've just included what I think are the best of the best sales.  My list is in no way all-inclusive, so if there's a store/brand you love that's not listed, they probably have a sale happening this weekend too!  I'll also likely be adding a few more throughout the week/weekend as more sales pop up.

If you're shopping from Canada, be aware that Canada Post is still turning away international packages because of the postal strike.  For that reason, I've included a ๐Ÿ for stores/companies that ship from within Canada and a ๐Ÿ“ฆ for ones that I know have other, non-mail shipping methods available.    

Apoterra Skincare

20% Off Storewide 
Free Herbal Steam with $75+
When? Friday to Monday

๐ŸBatty's Bath
Studio Clearance Sale (Select products up to 60% off)
Code: N/A
When: Now, While Supplies Last

The Choosy Chick
15% Off Storewide 
NEW Green Beauty in a Bag Set (Supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer)
When? Now through Monday

Citrine Beauty
$10% off $100+
20% Off $200+
30% Off $300+
Code: TBA
When? Friday

Clove + Hallow
NEW Limited Edition Products (Pressed Pigment Palette, Face Spray, Shimmer Powders + Candles)
15% Off $50+
20% Off $75+
35% Off $100+
Code: N/A  (Affiliate15 saves you 15% always!)
When? New products available for preorder now.  Sale runs Friday to Monday.

Credo Beauty
Free Gift with Purchases of $125+ 
Code: N/A
When? Now through Sunday (Herbivore GWP on Monday)

๐ŸThe Detox Market
$10 off $100
$30 off $200 + Free Maya Chia Oil
$80 off $400 + Free Maya Chia + Opalite Facial Roller
Code: N/A
When? Now through Sunday

Buy One Give One Sale (BOGO Free Storewide)
Code: N/A
When? Thursday to Monday

๐Ÿ“ฆ Flower and Spice
20% Off Storewide + Free Shipping + Free Gift with Every Order
Code: BF20
When? Now through Monday

$15 Off a 3-Month Membership
Code: GOOD15
When? Now through Friday

Good Medicine Beauty Lab
40% Off Storewide
Code: gratitude
When? Now through Sunday

๐ŸThe Green Jungle Beauty Shop
15% Off Storewide
Code: BFCM
When? Friday to Monday

11% Off Storewide + 11% Loyalty Credit
When? Now through Monday

15% Off Storewide 
When? Now through Wednesday, December 5

๐ŸMabrook & Co.
25% Off Deodorant 
20% Off Dry Shampoo
10% Off Kits
Code: N/A
When? Friday to Monday

Nourish Organic
50% Off Storewide
When? Friday to Monday

Petit Vour
50% Off Your First Box 
Extra 20% Off Sale Items
GWP with $150+
Code: THANKS20 (sale items); GIFTNOW (discounted box)
When? Now to ?

๐ŸSange De Fruta
20% Off Storewide
Code: N/A
When? Friday to Monday

๐ŸStark Skincare
Select Products Discounted
Code: N/A
When? Now to ?

๐ŸSola Skincare
25% Off Storewide
When? Friday through Monday

Ursa Major
20% Off $50+
Code: MAJOR20  ($10 off $10+ via my link)
When? Friday to Monday

W3ll People
25% Off All Full Size Items + Free US Shipping
Code: N/A
When? Friday to Monday

Did I miss any great ones?  Feel free to leave your top picks in the comments!

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12 November 2018

Morrocco Method: 5 Elements Shampoo + Diamond Crystal Mist

I've tried a lot of natural shampoos in my day, and Morrocco Method may just be the most unconventional one yet. And, I love it.  Morrocco Method products are plant-based, vegan, raw, paleo, non-GMO, soy- and gluten-free, and are handmade in the USA in small batches from natural and wildcrafted ingredients.   

The shampoo line was developed around the five elements: fire, earth, air, water, and ether.  Although each individual shampoo has a recommended hair type, the company suggests rotating between all five kinds for best results.  I was sent Morrocco Method's Travel Set of 5 Shampoos and I've been doing just that for the last few months. 

The Five Elements:

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo (Fire Element) – The most clarifying of the five, for all hair and scalp types.  Raw apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of the scalp, regulates oil production, and stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. 

Earth Essence Shampoo (Earth Element) Intended for normal to oily hair and scalp.  Natural clays remove excess oils from the hair and scalp.

Pine Shale Shampoo (Air Element) For normal to dry hair and scalp, dandruff, and scalp irritation.  Restorative pine shale oil, approved in Europe as an effective dandruff treatment, reduces inflammation, calms scalp irritation, and helps with flakes, itchiness, and dryness.  (Note: MM’s pine shale oil is sourced from reservoirs beneath the earth’s surface – extracted without fracking -- and is not the same thing as crude shale oil.)

Sea Essence Shampoo (Water Element) The most moisturizing of the five, for normal to dry hair and scalp.  Kelp, blue-green algae, and protein-rich spirulina offer hydration, repair brittle strands, and promote hair growth. 

Heavenly Essence Shampoo (Ether Element) For normal to damaged hair and scalp.  Hemp seed oil and prickly pear extract condition the hair and scalp, and help restore shine and luster to dry or damaged hair. 

All five shampoos have unique conditioning clay and aloe-based formulas that do not lather.  The five shampoos feel very similar while using them, but I notice a difference in my hair and scalp between the more moisturizing and clarifying versions after they're rinsed out.  

The scents, across the line, are generally very mild.  The two strongest are the Earth Essence, which smells lovely and earthy from a blend of patchouli, nutmeg, and other essential oils, and the Heavenly Essence, which smells predominantly of wintergreen to my nose.  There is an underlying apple cider vinegar note to all but the Heavenly Essence, but I don’t find that it, or any of the other scent components, linger in my hair after the shampoos are rinsed out. 

There are two main ways I like to use the shampoos:

I) The Official Morrocco Method Method
The company recommends diluting the shampoo in a separate bottle one-to-one with water, and shampooing twice – “once to cleanse and twice to nourish.”  The shampoos themselves have a thick, mud-like consistency, so diluting them definitely makes for easier distribution throughout the hair.  (It helps them go twice as far too, which is also nice!)  

With this method, I prefer the more clarifying varieties, Earth Essence and Apple Cider Vinegar, as they keep my scalp feeling clean the longest.  I can use this method exclusively for a few weeks, but I do find I need to incorporate a traditional lathering shampoo every so often to clarify and remove excess product buildup. 

II) In Combination with a Traditional Shampoo
The second technique, which I stumbled on by chance after forgetting to bring an extra bottle into the shower one day, involves combining one of the Morrocco Method shampoos with a more traditional, lathering shampoo.  I do a combination of 1/3 to 1/2 Morrocco Method (1/2 to 2/3 lathering shampoo), mixed together in the palm of my hand.  I get a bit of a squeakier clean with the lathering agent from the other shampoo, plus there’s no need to double shampoo or mix anything up in advance, so it’s a quicker process.  

I really adore this method -- the slight grittiness of the Morrocco Method shampoos does a fantastic job adding a little extra volume at the root, which is something I always struggle with, and I find I can go longer between washes than when I use the Morrocco Method shampoo on its own.  I don’t notice as big of a difference between the five kinds used this way and I enjoy them all pretty equally. 

After describing my hair, I was recommended the Diamond Crystal Mist, and was advised that it would likely offer enough moisture for me.  And, technically, it does.  The shampoos are fairly moisturizing themselves, so, with either technique, I was surprised to be able to get by just fine with just the leave-in.  That said, I do prefer a little more moisture, so usually I choose to incorporate a rinse-out conditioner as well.  (I’m curious to try one of Morrocco Method’s two rinse-out conditioners next time!)

But don’t worry, the Diamond Crystal Mist is not sitting on my shelf unloved.  It makes a great detangling spray and leave-in conditioner on freshly washed hair, and I also enjoy using it as a second-day curl refresher on dry hair.  

I get a little nervous whenever I see rose oil in an ingredients list, since it’s so often overwhelming to my nose, but the Diamond Crystal Mist, which also includes sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils, has a mild scent that hasn’t been a problem for me at all.  In line with Morrocco Method’s ingredients philosophy, the spray contains no emulsifiers, so you do have to shake it before each use to re-blend the oil and water components. 

The Bottom Line
I’ve been really impressed with Morrocco Method’s hair products.  It took a few uses to get a perfect routine down, but I’m really happy with how the products work now.  These are not your standard shampoos, even compared to other natural brands, but they're excellent quality, offer great benefits for both scalp and hair health, and are definitely work taking the time to work with.  The Diamond Crystal Mist is a nice product too, although I prefer it as a last step, in combination with another rinse-out conditioner.  

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5 November 2018

Active + Affordable Serums from Mad Hippie

The green beauty movement may have started as a somewhat grassroots community focused on basic, natural ingredients, but as popularity and demand have grown, I’ve noticed a definite shift towards an amalgamation of those original green beauty tenants and more scientific approaches and ingredients.  One thing I've been asked repeatedly is for product recommendation for affordable natural "active" skincare and with the slogan, "More Actives. More Results." and a price point that tops out at around $35 USD/$45 CAD, Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care more than fits the bill. The company’s dual focus on safety and efficacy means that products are made with clean ingredients and are packed full of anti-aging actives that deliver proven results.  Each product is formulated to contain several active ingredients that complement one another and work together in synergy. 

I’ve best testing out Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C and Vitamin A Serums for the last few months and I’m finally ready to give my full take on these two products: feel, performance, and results.  Keep reading for all the details!

The Vitamin C Serum combines a skin-brightening blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid.  There’s been a considerable amount of research done on the compounding antioxidant effects of these three ingredients and you may recognize the trio from certain well-known mainstream products. 

For its vitamin C component, Mad Hippie’s serum uses sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a stable, water-soluble, and bioavailable form of vitamin C that has, in addition to standard vitamin C brightening and anti-aging properties, been linked to anti-acne benefits.   Mad Hippie’s serum also includes konjac root, rich in minerals and nutrients and known to promote softer, smoother skin, and hyaluronic acid, a potent humectant and skin hydrator. 

The Vitamin C Serum is a clear, lightweight serum that absorbs into the skin very quickly.  I noticed right away, after just a few days of use, that my skin looked brighter and felt better hydrated.  Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and promotes collagen production, and with more prolonged use, I noticed my skin becoming smoother, softer, and more even to the touch.  I don’t have much discoloration or hyperpigmentation to target at this point, so I can’t speak to results in that area, but I like the serum and will continue to use it.  With clary sage, grapefruit, and chamomile, the serum has a floral/citrusy aroma.  I find the scent a little bit perfumey, but it doesn’t linger, so I have no real complaints.

I’ve been curious about the world of retinols since turning 30 earlier this year, but I’m still just dipping my toes in.  Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum, which balances that retinol component with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, sounded perfect for a newbie like me.  The serum uses hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR), a newer form of vitamin A that works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration, but isn’t as aggressive or irritating as other forms of vitamin A.   The Vitamin A Serum also includes a vegan phytoceramide to boost moisture retention, hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, and aloe vera and oat beta glucan to soothe and reduce surface inflammation.

The serum is white in colour and has a milky consistency.  It feels lovely and smooth on the skin, and is surprisingly moisturizing too.  Mad Hippie recommends waiting ten minutes between the Vitamin A Serum and any following products, and I definitely feel like I can use a lighter hand with my moisturizer or oil after using the Vitamin A Serum.  The serum, which includes sweet orange essential oil, smells like a blend of citrus and something more medicinal.  Again, the scent is non-obtrusive and doesn’t linger.
Retinoids promote natural cell turnover, so it’s not uncommon to experience a purging or flaking period when first starting out, but I experienced no breakouts, dryness, or irritation from the Vitamin A Serum.  As the directions suggest, I started out slowly, using just a few drops of the serum every second night, and gradually transitioned to using it a little more liberally every night.  I wake up with skin that’s hydrated, plump, and super smooth and even.  I’m aware that retinoids can take many months to show results, but I do think my fine lines already appear slightly softened.  I plan to continue to use this one too and will share another update in the future. 

The Bottom Line
I’ve enjoyed Mad Hippie’s products in the past and the Vitamin A and C Serums are no different!  The company pairs these two serums with their face cream (which I also really like!) as a skin firming routine for targeted firming and hydration, and I think the two serums really do make a wonderful day/night duo. 

Have you tried Mad Hippie?  What are your favorites from the line?

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30 September 2018

Sensitive Skin Picks from Batty's Bath

Long time no blog, I know, but I’m excited to be back today with a review of two new-to-me Batty’s Bath products.  Batty’s Bath, a Canadian company based in London, Ontario, has quite the extensive product range and is quickly becoming one of my favourite Canadian skincare brands.  The company focuses on creating effective natural and cruelty-free products that really deliver on their promises.   Batty’s Bath first became known to me through their successes working with acne-prone skin, but I was especially intrigued to see what the company could do for sensitive skin when they launched their new Calendula Line last year.  The Calendula range was specifically developed for an employee with challenging reactive skin and rosacea, and a lot of time and care went into formulating these products.

I’ve been trialing two of the three main products in the Calendula Line and, after incorporating them into my routine over the last 2+ months, I feel confident saying that both are uber-gentle, soothing products, perfect not only for delicate, reactive, and sensitive skin, but also for just about anyone during this transitional time of year heading into the colder, dryer fall/winter months.  Keep reading for more details…

Calendula & Cucumber Cleanser ($34.95 for 5 oz)
The Calendula & Cucumber Cleanser* is a cream cleanser with a true lotion consistency.  It feels luxe and is extra soft to massage onto the skin.  Batty’s Bath describes the cleanser as a one-step double cleanse, combining an oil cleanser and cream cleanser into one cohesive step.  I agree, in that you can definitely use this product as your only cleanser – no double cleansing necessary – but since I legitimately enjoy the process of double cleansing, it hasn’t completely eliminated that from my life.  For no makeup days or days when I’m only wearing face makeup, I will often cleanse with just the once with the Calendula & Cucumber Facial Cleanser, but for eye makeup, I do still prefer pairing it with an oil cleanse step or dedicated makeup remover.

The cleanser is truly one of the gentlest and least invasive cleansers I’ve used on my skin.  Which isn’t to say it doesn’t get your face clean – it definitely does, just without even a hint of stripping or irritation.  The cleanser is unscented and does not emulsify, so it leaves behind a thin layer of soft moisture on the skin.  Skin is left clean, but also plump, moisturized, and soothed, courtesy of anti-inflammatory turmeric and calendula, soothing oat powder and cucumber extract, and moisturizing and balancing jojoba, sunflower, avocado, and argan oils.

Calendula & Oat Moisturizer ($34.95 for 2 oz)
The Calendula & Oat Moisturizer*, specifically formulated to minimize redness and inflammation and maximize skin radiance, is loaded with antioxidants and botanicals proven to lessen irritation, calm sensitive and reactive skin, and speed up the skin’s natural healing process.  These same calming properties also make it a good choice for those dealing with active acne breakouts. 

The moisturizer has a unique consistency.  It looks lusciously thick and rich in the jar, and while it is that, it also manages to feel quite lightweight on the skin.  My skin drinks it right up and the cream is absorbed almost immediately, leaving behind moisturized, happy skin, without any residue or greasiness.  I also like mixing in a drop of a face oil for an extra moisturizing kick when my skin is feeling dryer.  

The cream uses cucumber, rose, and calendula extracts to target inflammation below the skin’s surface and turmeric to improve circulation.  It also includes zinc, best known for fighting free radicals by blocking UV rays, which also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory.  The zinc, in combination with oat powder and oil balancing jojoba oil, also works to mattify the skin while simultaneously locking in moisture.  

The Calendula & Oat Moisturizer does a good job moisturizing skin and taking down redness and irritation, and it pairs well with a variety of other products in my routine too.  With no added essential oils, the moisturizer just has a very faint oat scent.  

The Bottom Line
Batty’s Bath has a great understanding of problem skin and I’m really happy to see them turn their focus towards ultra-sensitive and reactive skin with the new(ish) Calendula range.  I’m especially smitten with the Calendula & Cucumber Facial Cleanser, which cleanses with zero irritation, and the Calendula & Oat Moisturizer is a great gentle moisturizing product too.

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1 August 2018

Oneka: Conscious Canadian Hair + Body Products

After hearing rumblings about Oneka on and off for the last several years, I was very excited to connect with the company at this year’s Toronto Holistic Beauty Expo.  Oneka, whose name comes from the Mohawk word for water, is a Canadian personal care company based in Frelighsburg, Quรฉbec.  The line, founded by Philippe Choiniere and Stacey Lecuyer, prides itself on creating natural, sustainable, and biodegradable personal care products that work with the environment rather than damaging or polluting it.  Oneka operates their own organic farm where they focus on permaculture -- creating systems and methods that are permanently beneficial to the environment and society -- and sustainable production.

I’ve been testing out some minis over the last several weeks, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty smitten with what Oneka has to offer!  Keep reading for all the details…

Shampoo ($14.99 for 500ml)
Oneka’s shampoos and conditioners all contain a blend of organic burdock root, clary sage, nettle, rosemary, dandelion, and horsetail -- herbs that support strong hair and a healthy scalp.  The shampoo is gentle, lathers easily, and cleans well without stripping the hair. Day-to-day it works fantastic as a one-and-done wash, but if I’ve used a lot of hair products, I will go back and shampoo a second time to make sure everything comes clean.    

Conditioner ($14.99 for 500ml)
Of the trio, the conditioner has probably been the biggest standout for me.  Rich and lush without feeling heavy or greasy, it does a fantastic job moisturizing and defining my curls without weighing anything down.  If anything, I’d say it even seems to ever-so-slightly boost volume and bounce, all while imparting a nice slip. A small amount goes a long way too!

Shower Gel ($14.99 for 500ml)
With a similar herbal infusion to the hair products, plus the addition of soothing calendula extract, Oneka’s shower gels are specifically designed to be extra gentle on the skin.  Like the shampoo, the shower gel creates a foamy lather that rinses away easily. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without any dryness or irritation.

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The Scents
Oneka's hair and body products are available in four core varieties.  Ingredients vary only slightly between the different types, so, at least for me, scent is the main determiner here.  All scents are completely essential oil-based and I haven't found any of them to linger much outside the shower.

Angelica & Lavender -- smells like straight up lavender.  This is the strongest of the three scents and I do find it a little overpowering for my nose some days.

Cedar & Sage -- beautiful, earthy and foresty, the Cedar & Sage contains a lush blend of cedar, spruce, tea tree, and mandarin essential oils.  I’m not usually one for sprucy scents, but I love how fresh and airy this one is, and I can’t get enough!
Goldenseal & Citrus -- Despite the inclusion of both grapefruit and tangerine essential oils, I don’t get a lot of citrus from the Goldenseal & Citrus.  Ylang ylang takes front and centre, and it offers more of a mild floral aroma. If you don’t want to go all the way unscented, I think this one is the most neutral of the three scents.  

Unscented -- I haven’t used any of the unscented products yet, but as someone who always likes to keep unscented options on hand, I'm very tempted!  From giving the shampoo and conditioner a quick sniff in store, they do seem legitimately scent free.

The Bottom Line
I love finding new Canadian brands to recommend, and Oneka definitely fits the bill! With great products, an affordable price point, full ingredient transparency, and top-notch environmental policies and ethics, Oneka is a happy discovery and a company I'm sure I'll continue to buy from in the future.

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18 July 2018

Inika Makeup: Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free + Halal

Inika is a popular Australian natural makeup brand that’s been on the green scene since 2006.  The entire line is mineral-based and certified cruelty free, vegan, and halal. Many products also hold Organic Food Chain Australia certification, indicating that they contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients.  I’ve been testing out the Light Trial Pack, which includes samples sizes of the Inika’s most popular base products (in shades suitable for light skin), and I want to share my thoughts on those items, along with a a couple other Inika products I’ve been using for quite some time.  

Certified Organic Pure Primer
I’m not a big face primer user and the Pure Primer hasn’t radically changed my mind.  A hydrating primer made with hyaluronic acid and organic oils, it moisturizes and does create a nice base for makeup, but, much like the Nude by Nature primer I reviewed in the spring, I don’t notice it doing anything more than my regular skincare, so, for me, it seems like an unnecessary extra step.  If you’re someone that enjoys a hydrating primer under makeup, I expect the Pure Primer would be a bigger hit. I’ve dabbled with using it as an under eye primer and I do like it for that purpose.  The extra moisture the primer provides helps concealer blend out a little easier, especially if some time has passed between applying eye cream and doing my makeup.

Certified Organic Liquid Foundation (Cream)
The Liquid Foundation is the surprise star of the kit -- I just love it!  I tried Inika’s liquid foundation several years ago, before they reformulated it, and the current iteration is a major improvement in my opinion.  The new foundation has very little scent and, while straight out of the tube, Cream (NL3), the second lightest shade in the range, looks like it would be way too dark for my skin, it does a surprisingly good job blending in and just leaves my face looking radiant and slightly sun kissed.  I’d be curious to try the next shade down for comparison, but I’ve had no problem matching Cream to my skin. My favorite way to apply the foundation is with my fingers as I find it gives the most natural and seamless application. I only get a light-to-medium coverage this way, but I’m confident that coverage could be built up with a brush or beauty sponge to a good medium or medium-to-full.  With a light dusting of powder on top, the foundation wears nicely for a full day -- at least 10 or so hours -- and, of the entire trial kit, is probably the item I’m most likely to repurchase in full size.

(top to bottom) Grace P1 Mineral Foundation, Strength N3 Mineral Foundation, Cream NL3 Liquid Foundation
Loose Mineral Foundation (Grace P1 + Strength N3)
As someone who wears powder foundation almost every day that I wear makeup, it’s fair to say I’ve tried a fair few over the last several years, and Inika’s Loose Mineral Foundation is really lovely.  It offers a medium coverage, has a natural, skin-like finish, and feels very lightweight on the face.  The finish is not fully matte, but it's also not overly glowy and it does a reasonably good job keeping any oilies at bay too. The foundation has also been tested at SPF 25, something I really appreciate since trying to be more diligent with sun protection these last few months.  My only gripe is that while the foundation looks beautiful when first applied, it definitely doesn't wear as long as some other powder foundations in my stash. I notice the coverage wearing off in certain areas, particularly on and around my nose, after just about 5 hours, so it isn’t a product I’d wear on long days when I’m unable to touch up.   

On first opening the kit, I again wasn’t confident that I’d find a colour match in either of the included shades, but Grace (P1) ended up matching me well.  Grace is fairly warm/yellow-toned, whereas I generally tend towards more neutral foundations, but it looks pretty natural once blended. I do slightly prefer the peachy-neutral undertones of Strength (N3), but the colour is too dark for my skin.  

(L to R) Cream NL3 Liquid Foundation, Strength N3 Loose Mineral Foundation, Grace P1 Loose Mineral Foundation, Eye Shadow Duo, Candy Lip Tint
Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo (Gold Oyster*)
I’ve had the Eye Shadow Duo on my desk for over a year now and I still feel somewhat conflicted about it.  The darker bronze shade is phenomenal and I love wearing it as a one shadow look. I’m able to preserve all the shine by patting it onto the lid, and can also add definition by buffing it out a little in the crease.  It’s a super functional shadow that gives great dimension to any look, even when it’s the only colour on my eyes. On the other hand, I find the gold shade a little lackluster. It’s very soft in colour (the swatch, above, is super built up) and I haven’t ultimately been able to get the pigmentation I want out of it on the eyes, making it something that I don’t reach for very frequently.

The pressed shadows are talc and silicone free and I could argue that the duo is worth it for how beautiful the bronze is alone -- I really do love it -- but I can’t help wishing the gold was an equal standout.

Ultimate Lip Tint (Candy*)
I included the Ultimate Lip Tint in a roundup of sheer lip products last year and I still love it just as much as when I first wrote that post.  Basically an elevated tinted balm, the Lip Tints offer sheer colour in a creamy and buttery formula that legitimately does a fantastic job keeping lips healthy and moisturized.  The scent, a soft mix of cocoa butter and peppermint essential oil, is refreshing, and Candy is a pretty and shimmery pale pink. I definitely want to pick up another shade or two in the future!

The Bottom Line
Inika has some great products and, based off the updated foundation formula, is clearly a company willing to improve on itself, which I love!  The Ultimate Lip Tint and Organic Liquid Foundation have been my two favorites from the brand thus far, but I also really enjoy the bronze Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow and Loose Mineral Foundation.  The Organic Pure Primer isn’t something I really have a place for in my routine, but those who enjoy a moisturizing primer might enjoy using it. If you’re interested in Inika’s base products, the Trial Packs are a great way to try multiple products for a low cost investment and I’d definitely recommend going that route.

Have you tried anything from Inika?  What are your favourite products from the line?
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