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After hearing rumblings about Oneka on and off for the last several years, I was very excited to connect with the company at this year’s Toronto Holistic Beauty Expo.  Oneka, whose name comes from the Mohawk word for water, is a Canadian personal care company based in Frelighsburg, Québec.  The line, founded by Philippe Choiniere and Stacey Lecuyer, prides itself on creating natural, sustainable, and biodegradable personal care products that work with the environment rather than damaging or polluting it.  Oneka operates their own organic farm where they focus on permaculture -- creating systems and methods that are permanently beneficial to the environment and society -- and sustainable production.

I’ve been testing out some minis over the last several weeks, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty smitten with what Oneka has to offer!  Keep reading for all the details…

Shampoo ($14.99 for 500ml)
Oneka’s shampoos and conditioners all contain a blend of organic burdock root, clary sage, nettle, rosemary, dandelion, and horsetail -- herbs that support strong hair and a healthy scalp.  The shampoo is gentle, lathers easily, and cleans well without stripping the hair. Day-to-day it works fantastic as a one-and-done wash, but if I’ve used a lot of hair products, I will go back and shampoo a second time to make sure everything comes clean.    

Conditioner ($14.99 for 500ml)
Of the trio, the conditioner has probably been the biggest standout for me.  Rich and lush without feeling heavy or greasy, it does a fantastic job moisturizing and defining my curls without weighing anything down.  If anything, I’d say it even seems to ever-so-slightly boost volume and bounce, all while imparting a nice slip. A small amount goes a long way too!

Shower Gel ($14.99 for 500ml)
With a similar herbal infusion to the hair products, plus the addition of soothing calendula extract, Oneka’s shower gels are specifically designed to be extra gentle on the skin.  Like the shampoo, the shower gel creates a foamy lather that rinses away easily. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without any dryness or irritation.

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The Scents
Oneka's hair and body products are available in four core varieties.  Ingredients vary only slightly between the different types, so, at least for me, scent is the main determiner here.  All scents are completely essential oil-based and I haven't found any of them to linger much outside the shower.

Angelica & Lavender -- smells like straight up lavender.  This is the strongest of the three scents and I do find it a little overpowering for my nose some days.

Cedar & Sage -- beautiful, earthy and foresty, the Cedar & Sage contains a lush blend of cedar, spruce, tea tree, and mandarin essential oils.  I’m not usually one for sprucy scents, but I love how fresh and airy this one is, and I can’t get enough!
Goldenseal & Citrus -- Despite the inclusion of both grapefruit and tangerine essential oils, I don’t get a lot of citrus from the Goldenseal & Citrus.  Ylang ylang takes front and centre, and it offers more of a mild floral aroma. If you don’t want to go all the way unscented, I think this one is the most neutral of the three scents.  

Unscented -- I haven’t used any of the unscented products yet, but as someone who always likes to keep unscented options on hand, I'm very tempted!  From giving the shampoo and conditioner a quick sniff in store, they do seem legitimately scent free.

The Bottom Line
I love finding new Canadian brands to recommend, and Oneka definitely fits the bill! With great products, an affordable price point, full ingredient transparency, and top-notch environmental policies and ethics, Oneka is a happy discovery and a company I'm sure I'll continue to buy from in the future.

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