A Canadian Black Friday (TONS of Green Beauty Sales!)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating!  For most of us in Canada, American Thanksgiving doesn't mean much beyond a new abundance of Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping.  Honestly, I'm not sure how much shopping I'll be doing this weekend, but it's always fun to pull together sales for this roundup post, so I didn't want to skip it.  

This year, I've only included companies that I have personal experience with, both Canadian brands and companies who, while shipping from elsewhere, provide an excellent shopping experience to Canada.  I've also included my favourite product recommendations for each one.  I'll likely update the list once or twice throughout the weekend as more sales are announced, so you may want to keep an eye out.

Now, let's get to the deals....

#WishlistWednesday: New Green Beauty Launches (Fall-Winter 2019)

I’ve been at home with a bad cold for much of the last week, leaving me with plenty of time to online window shop and catch up on new releases in the green beauty world.  The industry has exploded since I last did one of these posts, which means there are far too many launches to make this anywhere near all-inclusive. Instead, I’ve gathered the top few releases that have caught my eye, both this past week and over the last few months.


Fall Favourites ft. Ursa Major, T•Langhans, SoulTree, Iremia + more!

I hate that I'm in a position to apologize, yet again, for how inconsistent my blogging has been this year, but there you have it. Fact is, I'm just not in a position to reasonably commit to a certain number of posts per week or month right now, but happy to be posting when I can. (I've been sharing more on Instagram, in case you don't follow me there already.)

Today, I want to share some products I've been loving recently. These might be better described as joint summer/fall favourites, but, regardless, they're items that have stood out to me over the last several months, while I've been away from the blog.