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#WishlistWednesday: Indigenous-Owned Green Beauty

I have very mixed feelings about Canada Day this year and won't be doing anything to celebrate, but, what with it being Wednesday, it does seem like the perfect time to feature some Indigenous-owned green beauty brands and products that have caught my eye recently.  These aren't all Canadian, but they are all self-identified Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native, and/or First Nations products.

Spring Empties / Products I've Used Up

I seem to be incapable of putting together an empties post these days until I've accumulated a ridiculous number of products, but there you have it!  My last empties post was only about three months ago, but I've been making a dedicated effort to finish off older products and anything close to empty, so things have piled up quickly!

Keep reading for mini reviews of all the products I've used up over the last few months...

#StayHome Skincare: Extras + Occasional Products

For the final part of my skincare lineup, I want to share the products that I use regularly, but not on an everyday basis. The particulars may change, but this category always includes some combination of masks, chemical exfoliants, and spot treatments. There's some overlap between the different products I've been using recently, but I try to keep everything balanced and in rotation, and choose what to use on a given day based on how my skin is feeling.

#StayHome Skincare: Night Routine

Picking up right where last week’s morning skincare post left off, today I want to talk about my current nighttime skincare routine.  I’m not against using the same products morning and night, but as things have shaken out, I only have one overlapping product at the moment.  As you’ll see, I haven’t been using a toner at night, and I’ve also been skipping eye products in general for the last little bit, though I’m sure I’ll add one back in soon enough.

Here’s a look at what I’m using on a nightly basis:

#StayHome Skincare: Morning Routine

It’s been a crazy couple of months everywhere, but despite the added stress of COVID-19 and everything that’s come along with it, my skin has been looking pretty darn great recently!  Aside from grocery runs every couple weeks, I’ve been isolating at home for almost six weeks now, and keeping to a pretty simple but consistent skincare routine that entire time. 

Here’s a look at what I’ve been using in the mornings. (If you keep up with me on Instagram, you will have likely seen most of these products already.) I'll be sharing my night routine and occasional/extra products next.