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Fall Favourites ft. Ursa Major, T•Langhans, SoulTree, Iremia + more!

I hate that I'm in a position to apologize, yet again, for how inconsistent my blogging has been this year, but there you have it. Fact is, I'm just not in a position to reasonably commit to a certain number of posts per week or month right now, but happy to be posting when I can. (I've been sharing more on Instagram, in case you don't follow me there already.)

Today, I want to share some products I've been loving recently. These might be better described as joint summer/fall favourites, but, regardless, they're items that have stood out to me over the last several months, while I've been away from the blog.  

Grounded Sage Floral Aura Skin Assessment (+ Instagram Giveaway!)

Happy Canada Day!  Grounded Sage (formerly Batty's Bath) is one of my favourite Canadian skincare brands, so today is the perfect day to share their Floral Aura Skin Assessment.  I've also teamed up with Grounded Sage for a giveaway over on Instagram, so make sure you check that out too!

In case you've missed my many previous raves, Grounded Sage, based in South-Western Ontario, features an extensive handcrafted product line that includes skincare, body care, and makeup.  The brand is constantly innovating with exciting new launches (like the dreamy-sounding Cucumber Refresh Facial Moisturizer they released just last week!) and always provides a ton of educational content in addition to their excellent products.  

Canadian Brand Spotlight: Iremia Skincare

I’ve been trying out Iremia Skincare over the last couple months and I’m super excited to share this new brand discovery today!  Iremia, which is based nearby in Mississauga, Ontario, is a capsule skincare collection specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  The line, which was born out of personal need as Iremia’s founder, Elaine Li, searched for a solution for her own highly reactive skin, consists of just three products, all 100% natural, cruelty free, and made using high quality ingredients that are proven to calm sensitive and reactive skin.  The brand’s key tenets of simplicity, quality, health, safety, and honesty appealed to me right away and I was eager to dive into the products!

Keep reading for my thoughts on everything...

Godai Elemental Clean: Soap & Shampoo Bars

I've been testing out Godai Elemental Clean's dual soap and shampoo bars, generously sent to me a couple months ago, and I'm excited to share them today!  Godai soaps, which are made with 85-92% organic ingredients, are USDA certified organic through the Montana Department of Agriculture, and are also 100% natural, vegan, GMO and cruelty free, and made in the USA.  

The name Godai comes from the Japanese terms for Five (go) and Great (dai), and refers to the five elements which serve as the inspiration for Godai's soap line.  There is a Japanese belief that each of the five elements represents a certain tendency in the world and that, while we are all born with energy from each of the five elements, negative experiences and general life stresses can cause us to lose these energies, creating an imbalance.  Godai soaps are intended to nourish the skin through the five elements in order to regain these lost energies and restore balance.

Organation: Standout Customized Facial Creams for All Skin Types (+ a Discount Code!)

Have you ever struggled to find a product with just the right blend of active ingredients to suit your skin?  That's where custom skincare formulations can come in handy!  I've noticed a definite uptick in brands offering custom products in the last couple years, which, as a picky ingredient nerd with a penchant for DIY, I think is a fantastic shift in the skincare market.

I recently had the chance to try out Organation, a vegan natural skincare brand creating customized facial creams in Portland, Oregon.  Organation uses pure, organic, and bioavailable ingredients and forgoes parabens, PEG's, synthetic fragrances, and other undesirable ingredients.  

The company's custom creams are designed with the help of a simple skin quiz and are individually made using Organation's proprietary machinery that cleanly dispenses precise amounts of each ingredient in a controlled, sanitary, and hands-free environment.  

I designed my Customized Facial Cream in February and I've been loving it ever since -- without getting too cheesy, it really does feel like a moisturizer formulated just for my skin!

Keep reading for more info on the customization process and details of my personalized cream!