Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics

I'd read a few positive reviews of Detrivore's Eye Shadow Primer, so when its ingredients didn't immediately throw up any red flags for me (super rare with primers!), I decided to place an order.  While I was at it, I also picked up eye shadow samples of White Chapel, Vacancy, Death Valley, Hemoglobin, Shroud, Faithless, Guillotine, and Petty.  I also received free samples of Bone, Coward, and Contamination.

I haven't tried these out yet, other than for swatching, so this won't be much of a review, but I will say that Detrivore has great customer service.  Eye shadow ingredients are only listed by collection, so they have a long "may contain" list.  Before purchasing, I emailed back and forth a few times to ask about ingredients for specific colours, as well as to ask a couple questions about the primer and I always got quick and helpful responses.  Eye shadow samples are $1 and are very generous. 

My camera didn't do a good job picking up the gorgeous sparkles in most of these - Petty, Bone, and Coward are from the matte collection, but the rest all contain some degree of shimmer.  They're all very pigmented and are more vibrant than they appear in these photos.  On first impressions only, Shroud, Faithless, Death Valley, and Hemoglobin stand out to me as particularly gorgeous.  I can't wait to try these out on my eyes next!  I also haven't tried out the primer yet, but a review will follow once I've had a chance to do so.  All swatches were done dry on bare skin. 


Colour Descriptions (from Detrivore Cosmetics):
Bone - a flat white matte
White Chapel - a white glitter
Coward - a bright yellow matte
Vacancy - a bright yellow satin
Petty - a bright orange matte
Contamination - our lightest brown color
Guillotine - a bright pink satin with red and violet shimmer
Death Valley - a shimmery bright pink
Faithless - a pinkish purple blend with red and violet shimmer
Hemoglobin - a bright red satin
Shroud - a very sparkly silver glitter

ETA: Detrivore is currently running a fantastic special on full size (5 gram jars) eye shadows: 5 for $10 or 10 for $20.


Review: Revolution Organics

A couple months ago, I won a Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss and Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in a giveaway hosted by The Healthy Beauty Project.  The lip gloss retails for $26 and the beauty balm for $34, but right now, they are also available together for $48

About the Brand
Revolution Organics was started by Melissa Shabinsky and Alexandra Zanella, out of a desire to fill a void in the cosmetics market.  They set out to create luxurious, beautifully formulated, healthy multi-purpose beauty products.  Revolution Organics products are free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulfates, artifical ingredients, and petrochemicals.  Both products came in cardboard tubes that had the ingredients and information about the company on them.