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Despite carrying an oversize purse, I only allocate a small amount of space to beauty products, so anything I carry with me needs to be fairly small and compact.  I first discovered SoapStix, StixBrands' first product, several years ago -- I even blogged about them way back in 2012! -- and I still use and refill that same bottle to this day, so I was pretty excited to try the company’s newer offerings when they reached out to me earlier this spring.   Along with more SoapStix scents, StixBrands now makes a sunscreen (SunStix) and lotion (SkinStix), both, of course, in the company's signature portable stick/tube packaging. All StixBrands products are made in Canada and are designed to be portable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.


Lots of companies make travel-size items, but what’s unique about StixBrands products is the shape of their bottles.  The tubes are long, thin and roughly the size of a large marker or highlighter. The bottles are secure -- no leaking! -- and they all come with a spray top dispenser.  

SoapStix ($4.99 for 10ml // $11.99 for 500ml)
The SoapStix are, for me, still the highlight of StixBrands' line.  They’re a castile-based soap with minimal ingredients and are a fantastic multipurpose product to carry with you.  Made of just water, olive and coconut oils, glycerin, and essential oils or maple syrup, the ingredients are super clean and basic. The soaps are gentle and were specifically formulated with dry skin and eczema in mind.

The SoapStix are great for on-the-go hand washing, and, since castile soap is so multi-functional, also for any other cleaning needs that might arise throughout your day -- washing a dish, cleaning a counter, on the fly stain remover, and per the company's suggestion, even waterless hand sanitizer.

The SoapStix are available in four scents:
Unscented -- no added essential oils.  Has a mild scent from the other ingredients.
Grapefruit -- mild and citrusy.  I think this one is my favorite of the bunch.
Lavender --  a pretty standard lavender.  I find this one the strongest of all the scents, but it's not overpowering or offensive.
Maple -- sweet and mapley.

Larger 500ml pump bottles are also available.

SkinStix Hand & Body Lotion ($6.99 for 10ml // $12.29 for 250ml)
As you would expect from a lotion housed in a spray bottle, the SkinStix has quite a thin consistency.  It’s lightweight and absorbs very easily, and it also does a really good job moisturizing the skin.  The lotion has a light orange scent that’s mild and refreshing.

Obviously the 10ml tube won’t go far as a body lotion, but I like keeping it in my purse to use as a light hand cream, and there’s also the option of purchasing a larger bottle.  The SkinStix does contain phenoxyethanol, if that's an ingredient you choose to avoid.

SunStix Sunscreen ($8.99 for 10ml)
The SunStix is an SPF 30 mineral sunscreen made with a blend of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  The consistency is, again, quite thin, but that’s where the similarities to the SkinStix end. The sunscreen is very white and somewhat challenging to blend into the skin.  I also find it smells quite sweet and almost perfumey. It’s a fine product and convenient for SPF touch ups throughout the day, but it isn’t the first sunscreen I’d choose to reach for.

The Bottom Line

The SoapStix are fantastic and are something I've used for years, long before being sent this package. I've also enjoyed using the SkinStix, but the SPFStix was not a huge hit for me.  I love the packaging of all three -- the compact slim tubes are super handy for both everyday and travel.

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  1. I love the idea of the SoapStix so much! The whole company seems really great but SoapStix especially. I have such horrible sensitivities that I can never wash my hands in public. So cool!