August Goodbeing Box (All Beauty)

I’ve got so many ideas for blog posts I want to do, but very little time of late to actually sit down and write them!  Thanks for sticking with me, even when things are slow.

Today I want to talk about Goodbeing. I haven't done a subscription box post in quite some time, mainly because I haven’t gotten any boxes in a while.  With trying to limit the amount of product I bring in, spending on guaranteed items has made more sense than risking it on the unknown, but when Goodbeing had an offer that was too good to pass up, I decided to subscribe for the August box.  

Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) is one of the longest running natural sub boxes. They have a "pick your product" feature that lets you choose 1-2 of the 4-5 items in the box, which I think is fantastic. Boxes retail for $24.95 in the US and $33.95 in Canada and internationally. With the exchange, I ended up paying just under $44 CAD.  Mini boxes and discounts on prepaid yearly subscriptions are also available. I chose the all beauty box, but there's also a lifestyle option that contains a mix of beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have already seen what came in my box, but I want to share my thoughts a month later, now I've had a chance to use (almost) everything in the box. Ultimately I think mini reviews are more valuable than first impressions, which is why I waited until now instead of doing a quick unboxing as soon as it arrived in the mail.

Let’s get to the goodies inside!

Previse Hydrofoam Moisturizer ($48)
The Hydrofoam Moisturizer was a bonus for new subscribers in August -- what finally sold me on the box -- and I have lots of thoughts on it.  As part of Previse’s new ZeroFragrance line, the Hydrofoam Moisturizer is marketed as a lightweight antioxidant-rich moisturizer with a unique aerated micro-bubble mousse consistency.   The ingredients caught my eye right away -- specifically hyaluronic acid, which I already know my skin loves, and ceramides, which I'd been interested in incorporating into my routine for some time.  The bubbly mousse consistency is unconventional -- similar to that of a foaming hand soap -- and, according to Previse, serves to activate the antioxidants in the formula.  

Honestly, I’m not sure if the aeration making the product any more active is just a gimmick or not, but it’s a fun item to use and I like the results I’ve gotten from it so far.  I also consider it to be more of a serum or essence -- and a pretty watery one at that -- than a moisturizer.  Aerating the liquid into a foam may temporarily change its consistency, but it doesn't significantly  impact the weight or feel of the product once it’s on the skin.  My skin has been verging on oily this summer, and the Hydrofoam Moisturizer is still nowhere near enough moisture for me.  

To be clear, I really enjoy this product as a serum layer, either mixed with a couple drops of my longtime favorite Sola Balancing Face Oil to create something of a micro-emulsion, or followed with a separate moisturizer or balm. For my skin, it just doesn't replace a moisturizer and isn't something I can use by itself, even in the humid summer.

Emani Hybrid Cream Color in Speechless ($20)
Emani’s Hybrid Cream Colors are multipurpose cream products for eyes, lips, and cheeks and Speechless is a pretty copper shade.  It’s not a color I’m likely to wear on my cheeks or lips, but it’s very pretty on the eyes.  As you can see in the photo, the product comes with an abstract sparkle overlay, but it doesn’t significantly impact the shade.   Speechless has a pretty sheen throughout.  

I've been enjoying wearing the Cream Color all over my lid, paired with a mid-toned taupe powder shadow in the crease for a little definition, and I really like the look it creates. In terms of wear, the Cream Color fares pretty well -- much better than I expected! It does fade throughout the day, like any natural cream shadow, but it does so in a very natural way without any obvious creasing or patchiness.

Osea Malibu Ocean Cleanser ($16)
Osea has been on my to-try list for literally years and the Ocean Cleanser did not disappoint.  With a creamy gel consistency, the cleanser doesn't lather or foam, but it does thoroughly cleanse without stripping or drying out the skin.  It also smells great - mild, fresh and a little beachy, if you will - and leaves my skin soft and happy. I'm even more eager to try more Osea now!

Isa’s Restoratives Blue Beauty Balm ($7.50)
The Blue Beauty Balm was the surprise star of the box.  I haven't been completely sold on face balms in the past, but this one has been changing my mind.  The texture, once melted by the heat of your skin, is quite thin and light, leaving the Blue Beauty Balm feeling more like a plush oil than a balm.  It's not at all heavy, waxy, or occlusive and I love it! The balm is loaded with great ingredients that moisturize without feeling greasy and my skin is left soft and supple.  The scent -- a mix of blue chamomile, neroli, and carrot seed -- is intoxicatingly lovely too.  

In fact, I liked this guy so much that I was quick to scoop up the company’s Immortelle Balm when I saw it as a choice in Goodbeing’s October Pick Your Products.

St. Tropica Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask ($5)
Life gets busy and hair masks easily fall off the agenda, so this is the one thing from the box that I've yet to try.  I like the simple ingredients -- it's basically a boosted virgin organic coconut oil that’s loaded with good for your hair ingredients like biotin, amla, horsetail, green tea, and hibiscus.  I'll report back on Instagram or in an empties post once I give it a go.

The Bottom Line
I think this was a great box!  I expected to love the Previse moisturizer and while it’s great, the Osea Ocean Cleanser and Isa’s Restoratives Blue Beauty Balm were even more so the standouts of this box for me.  Goodbeing consistently includes fantastic brands and I like that they also let you pick some of the items in advance, so it’s not a complete surprise.  I opted not to get a box in September, but I am getting one in October and will decide whether or not to continue from there.  

Have you subscribed to Goodbeing or used any of these products?  What’s your take on subscription boxes in general?