Cheap Products Worth Splurging On (Products That Seem More Expensive Than They Are)

I went back and forth on how I wanted to title this post since 'cheap' can have such negative connotations, but I think it's pretty clear that I’m, of course, only talking price tag here, not quality.  One of my pet peeves is the way that people often qualify inexpensive product recommendations by saying they're “good for the price,” but what about the bargain wonders that are just flat out good?  The ones that would be just as good at twice or three times the cost?  Those are the products I want to highlight today.

Assuming it goes over well, I, may end up turning this into a series, since I think there are a lot of great inexpensive green beauty gems that don't get talked about nearly enough.  For this first round up, many of my picks are items I've talked about before -- these are things that I've bought repeatedly and that I continue to purchase, not because they’re inexpensive, but because they work so very well.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave
At under $8 CAD for 11 ounces, the Kiss My Face Moisture Shave is not only ridiculously affordable, it’s also one of the best shaving products I’ve ever used.  It doesn’t foam or lather; instead it moisturizes and protects with a creamy lotion consistency that helps a razor glide easily over the skin without razor burn, nicking or cutting. The Key Lime is my favorite scent, but there are plenty of other choices if citrus isn’t your thing.

Silk Naturals Sheer Blushes
These days I’m a pretty avid blush wearer, but it wasn’t always that way.  I used to be terrified of overdone clown cheeks and the Silk Naturals Sheer Blushes were my gateway product.  As the name suggests, the formula is not ultra-pigmented.  It packs just the right amount of color for the pale or blush-shy, but it can also easily be built up for greater color payoff.  The blushes blend beautifully and even the more shimmery shades somehow work without emphasizing pores or skin texture.  My two longtime favourites are Lovelace (shimmery peach that Silk Naturals compares to NARS Deepthroat) and Abstract (light plum/pink with golden irridescence).  

Green Beaver Castile Sunflower Bar Soap
I love artisan bar soap as much as the next soap-loving girl, but when I don’t feel like spending upwards of $10-12 a bar, Green Beaver’s Castile bar soaps always come through for me.  They’re palm oil free and made with a blend of locally harvested Canadian sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and shea butter.  The soaps are moisturizing, lather beautifully, and never dry out my skin.  The Frosty Mint and Zesty Orange are my two favorites, but there’s also an unscented bar and two other scents.  For an extra bargain, scope out your local Winners/Marshall’s -- I've regularly found these bars for under $5.  

I first discovered Griffin Remedy thanks to The Choosy Chick and it's quickly become a favorite for hair care. The shampoos clean well without overstripping and the conditioners moisturize my curly-but-oily-prone hair just right. Griffin Remedy's price point is comparable to "health food store brands", but, for me, their products perform considerably better than most of those options and they're also loaded with great plant botanicals that support both the hair and scalp. The citrusy Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner have been my favorite duo so far, but Griffin Remedies makes multiple other formulas too.

I use a lot of lip balm and Crazy Rumors is one of my favourites.  The balms are smooth, creamy, rich, and buttery and do a great job protecting and healing the lips without feeling heavy or gunky.  The formula is also vegan (no beeswax!) and comes in about a million and one flavours.  Admittedly I’ve had a couple flavour duds over the years, but most are fantastic and the fruity Raspberry Sherbet and Leaping Bunny Plum Apricot are regular repurchases for me.  

My hands can be a mess in the winter -- even when it’s not -33°C like today! -- so I have to be pretty particular about the hand soaps I use this time of year.  I discovered the Everyday Shea Hand Soaps at the beginning of last winter and they’re the only liquid hand soaps I’ve purchased in the more than a year since.  The soaps have a pretty standard gel consistency, lather well, and are able to take on the dirtiest, greasiest hands without stripping or drying the skin.  (If you've used the Everyday Shea Body Washes, the hand soaps are very similar, if maybe slightly more moisturizing.) I constantly keep one of these pumps in my kitchen, where repeated hand washing while cooking is generally the worst for my hands, and they keep everything clean and happy.  Mandarin Mango is my top choice, but the Peppermint Tingle and Lemon Verbena are also nice.  I haven’t tried all the scents, but the ones I’ve used have been universally light and lovely.  

The Bottom Line
I've said it before (and I'm sure I'll say it again!): great green products don't have to break the bank. There are plenty of amazing bargain finds out there and these six are some of my favorites.

What are your best bargain green beauty finds?

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