Worth the Splurge: DUŠA & KAMEN Rose Quartz Skincare

I’ve been trialing DUŠA & KAMEN, a new German luxury natural and cruelty-free skincare line, for the past several months, and I’m excited to share my thoughts today on the products and the brand as a whole.  Hana, the company’s founder, is a trained beautician and physiotherapist who first formulated skincare products to solve her own skin problems, then later decided to sell them.  What followed was two years of further product development and dozens of test formulas before DUŠA & KAMEN was born in June of 2020.

The company’s inaugural launch, the Rose Quartz line, features wonderful raw and natural ingredients, and, per the name, there are real rose quartz stones found in every bottle.  The line is specifically targeted towards acne-prone skin, but after using the products for the last few months, I think they have a lot more versatility than that description implies, and could in fact suit a variety of different skin types. 

Keep reading for my detailed take on each product in the line, plus head over to my Instagram page for a chance to win two of the products for yourself!