Lightweight, Skin-Quenching Hydration with One Love Organics Skin Dew

One Love Organics, to me, is one of the long haul, OG natural skincare brands.  They’ve been around for years, but they continue to innovate and create new and fantastic products all the time.  I’d had my eye on the Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream ever since it launched in 2016, so when I saw it as one of two featured products in the April Art of Organics box -- selling for less than the cream's retail price alone -- I was quick to grab it.  

Skin Dew ($58 USD for 2.1oz) is an EcoCert certified organic lightweight moisturizer made with more than 50% pure organic coconut water.  In addition to hydration, coconut water offers a high mineral, amino acid, enzyme, and antioxidant content to nourish skin.  It does not have the same comedogenic properties as coconut oil, so even those sensitive to the oil -- myself included -- can often benefit from products containing coconut water or juice.  

The cream also contains:

Cupuacu butter, rich in polyphenols to condition skin.

Sunflower, acacia, watermelon seed, and jojoba oils for lightweight, protective, sebum-balancing moisture and defense against environmental stresses.

Phytic acid sourced from rice to reduce dryness and help soften the appearance of fine lines.  

Even though I’d read multiple reviews of Skin Dew, the cream wasn’t at all what I expected -- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  With such a high coconut water content, I had envisioned more of a gel moisturizer, or at least a gel-cream hybrid, and Skin Dew has a definite thick cream consistency.  That said, it feels silky and surprisingly lightweight on the skin and absorbs fully almost instantly, leaving skin soft and moisturized without even a hint of grease or oiliness. I’ve talked about skin's water vs. oil needs many times before and I'm a huge proponent of including both water and oil-based products in one's routine, so I love that Skin Dew does a fantastic job straddling the line between the two.  It’s a great moisturizer on its own, layered with other products, or mixed with face oils, and it sits nicely under makeup too.

Skin Dew has a very mild coconut scent -- reminiscent of good quality coconut oil as opposed to fragrance -- but I don’t notice any scent on my skin after the product is rubbed in.  

The Bottom Line
Skin Dew is a unique cream moisturizer that offers a lot in the way of hydration.  Lightweight, moisturizing, and gentle, it's suitable for many skin types including sensitive and acne-prone.  

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