Sensitive Skin Picks from Batty's Bath

Long time no blog, I know, but I’m excited to be back today with a review of two new-to-me Batty’s Bath products.  Batty’s Bath, a Canadian company based in London, Ontario, has quite the extensive product range and is quickly becoming one of my favourite Canadian skincare brands.  The company focuses on creating effective natural and cruelty-free products that really deliver on their promises.   Batty’s Bath first became known to me through their successes working with acne-prone skin, but I was especially intrigued to see what the company could do for sensitive skin when they launched their new Calendula Line last year.  The Calendula range was specifically developed for an employee with challenging reactive skin and rosacea, and a lot of time and care went into formulating these products.

I’ve been trialing two of the three main products in the Calendula Line and, after incorporating them into my routine over the last 2+ months, I feel confident saying that both are uber-gentle, soothing products, perfect not only for delicate, reactive, and sensitive skin, but also for just about anyone during this transitional time of year heading into the colder, dryer fall/winter months.  Keep reading for more details…

Calendula & Cucumber Cleanser ($34.95 for 5 oz)
The Calendula & Cucumber Cleanser* is a cream cleanser with a true lotion consistency.  It feels luxe and is extra soft to massage onto the skin.  Batty’s Bath describes the cleanser as a one-step double cleanse, combining an oil cleanser and cream cleanser into one cohesive step.  I agree, in that you can definitely use this product as your only cleanser – no double cleansing necessary – but since I legitimately enjoy the process of double cleansing, it hasn’t completely eliminated that from my life.  For no makeup days or days when I’m only wearing face makeup, I will often cleanse with just the once with the Calendula & Cucumber Facial Cleanser, but for eye makeup, I do still prefer pairing it with an oil cleanse step or dedicated makeup remover.

The cleanser is truly one of the gentlest and least invasive cleansers I’ve used on my skin.  Which isn’t to say it doesn’t get your face clean – it definitely does, just without even a hint of stripping or irritation.  The cleanser is unscented and does not emulsify, so it leaves behind a thin layer of soft moisture on the skin.  Skin is left clean, but also plump, moisturized, and soothed, courtesy of anti-inflammatory turmeric and calendula, soothing oat powder and cucumber extract, and moisturizing and balancing jojoba, sunflower, avocado, and argan oils.

Calendula & Oat Moisturizer ($34.95 for 2 oz)
The Calendula & Oat Moisturizer*, specifically formulated to minimize redness and inflammation and maximize skin radiance, is loaded with antioxidants and botanicals proven to lessen irritation, calm sensitive and reactive skin, and speed up the skin’s natural healing process.  These same calming properties also make it a good choice for those dealing with active acne breakouts. 

The moisturizer has a unique consistency.  It looks lusciously thick and rich in the jar, and while it is that, it also manages to feel quite lightweight on the skin.  My skin drinks it right up and the cream is absorbed almost immediately, leaving behind moisturized, happy skin, without any residue or greasiness.  I also like mixing in a drop of a face oil for an extra moisturizing kick when my skin is feeling dryer.  

The cream uses cucumber, rose, and calendula extracts to target inflammation below the skin’s surface and turmeric to improve circulation.  It also includes zinc, best known for fighting free radicals by blocking UV rays, which also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory.  The zinc, in combination with oat powder and oil balancing jojoba oil, also works to mattify the skin while simultaneously locking in moisture.  

The Calendula & Oat Moisturizer does a good job moisturizing skin and taking down redness and irritation, and it pairs well with a variety of other products in my routine too.  With no added essential oils, the moisturizer just has a very faint oat scent.  

The Bottom Line
Batty’s Bath has a great understanding of problem skin and I’m really happy to see them turn their focus towards ultra-sensitive and reactive skin with the new(ish) Calendula range.  I’m especially smitten with the Calendula & Cucumber Facial Cleanser, which cleanses with zero irritation, and the Calendula & Oat Moisturizer is a great gentle moisturizing product too.

 *Press Sample


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