Cheeky Cosmetics Haul

Back in April, I won three free eye shadows with my next purchase in a contest on Cheeky Cosmetic's Facebook page.  It took me this long to finally get around to placing another order, but here's what I ended up getting:

Siren Lip Gloss
I tried Cheeky's lip gloss in my first order and I've been meaning to order more colours ever since.  Siren is a really pretty deep berry colour with the same great formula all their glosses have.

Eye Shadows in Little Black Dress, Pebble, and Moonlit Rose
I'd tried samples of all three of these colours, so I already knew exactly what I was getting.  Little Black Dress is a matte black that makes the perfect liner when foiled.  Pebble is a beautiful taupey brown and Moonlit Rose is a pretty, mid-tone pink.  The lighting isn't great in the photo below, but swatches of all three can be found here.  I also received a sample of Fairy Tale, which is a sparkly light pink.

Bottom Line
I've been really pleased with everything I've tried from Cheeky Cosmetics.  I was extra excited to win these shadows, since they're products that I likely would have purchased one day soon anyways.  All three are colours I expect to get a lot of use out of, plus, it gave me an excuse to pick up another shade of Cheeky's lip gloss! 


Disclaimer: Some of these products were won in a contest, while others were purchased by me.  I am not being compensated in any way for this post.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Review & Swatches: The Starshine Company

I ordered way back in April and I've been meaning to get this review up for a while now.  Unfortunately, during this time, The Starshine Company has decided to close its doors.  They are still open now, but I don't know for how long, so I'd recommend ordering ASAP if something interests you.

I placed my order on Etsy, but The Starshine Company also has an independent website you can order from.

Everything arrived safely and well packaged.  Eye shadows come in 5 gram jars with black lids.  Jars had sifter seals and are labelled with the company, color name and full ingredients.

The Product
The eye shadows themselves are great quality.  They go on smoothly and blend easily.  There is a good selection of colours, everything from neutrals, pastels, and more subtle shades to brighter, more in your face colours.  Sea Foam, Golden Green, and Mint Candy are from the 80's Collection, which is made up of more vivid, bold colours, while Athena is from the Goddess collection, which focuses on more shimmery colours.  I'm really pleased with all the colours I ordered, but I especially love Athena and Mint Candy.  One thing to note is that these shadows don't have the best pigmentation on bare skin.  They're still fully wearable, but go on much sheerer and softer than over some kind of primer, which really helps the colours pop.


On bare skin (no primer)

Over Detrivore Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer

Bottom Line
The Starshine Company makes high quality eye shadows and I was sorry to hear they won't be a more permanent fixture in the mineral makeup world.  They are still open at the time of posting this, but I don't know for how long, so if you see something you're interested in, I recommend ordering right away.  They also have a Going Out of Business Sale going on now to get rid of stuff, so prices are very reasonable.  I've only tried their eye shadows, but The Starshine Company also make other products, including incense, blush, lip products, and finishing powder.


Update & Mid-July Favourites

I hate to keep disappearing from posting, but I started my summer job a couple weeks ago and immediately managed to catch a bad cold.  (One of the joys of working with small children!)  Being sick, combined with work hours, I just haven't had time to blog.  I'm feeling better now and I'm hoping to be back to blogging again.  I'm going to try pre-writing more posts on the weekends so I should be able to get one or two posts up during the week as well.

First off, I always mean to do a favourites post at the end of the month and then something comes up and I'm not able to for whatever reason.  So this time, since it's much too late for June favourites, I'm going to do my mid-July favourites.

Shiro Cosmetics Weepinbell and Vileplume Eye Shadows
I've mostly been sticking to neutrals lately, but for colours, these two have gotten a good bit of use lately too.  Weepinbell is a yellower chartreuse that works really well with a lot of colours.  Vileplume is a super pretty mauvy-pink.

(L to R) Shiro Weepinbell, Shiro Vileplume, DG Dr. Pepper Cake, DG Snuggle, Detrivore Contamination

Darling Girl Cosmetics Snuggle and Dr. Pepper Cake Eye Shadows
I'll get a full review of Darling Girl Cosmetics up soon, but for now, I'll just say that their eye shadows have quickly become some of my favourites.  Snuggle has been on my eyes almost every day since I've started the new job.  Getting up at 5:30 doesn't make me want to spend huge amounts of time on my makeup, and Snuggle is a golden beige that works great as a quick one colour wash all over the lid.  Dr. Pepper Cakes is a beautiful, sparkly plummy/bronzy brown that's also found itself on my eyes a lot recently.  It's a bit lighter than it looks in these swatches.

(L to R) Shiro Weepinbell, Shiro Vileplume, DG Dr. Pepper Cake, DG Snuggle, Detrivore Contamination

Detrivore Cosmetics Contamination Eye Shadow
I got this as a free sample in my Detrivore order a couple months ago and never really took to it.  A couple weeks ago, I picked it up and tried it out a bronzer.  I'm pretty pale and it's often a struggle to find bronzers that don't just end up making my face look dirty.  This works great though - it gives me natural looking colour and even though it's got some sheen, it manages to work for contouring too!

LUVU Beauty Peppy Lip Gloss
I've been wearing this lip gloss three or four times a week since I got it.  It looks a bit different on than in the tube.  On, it's a sheer coral, perfect for summer.  You can see a swatch of it here.

LUVU Beauty Candy Lip Liner & Silk Naturals Shrieking Violet Liquid Lip Gloss
Both of these are bright pinks that lean a little purple and together they create a beautiful, pretty long-lasting, bold fuchsia lip.  I have a swatch of the lip liner here and one of the gloss here.

Parissa Wax Strips for Legs and Body
In the summer, I much prefer to wax my legs, rather than having to shave every day or two.  Even though it's probably cheaper, I'm a little daunted at the thought of doing hot wax, so wax strips have always been my go to choice.  Wax strips were actually one of the last products I switched over to a natural option, just because it didn't even cross my mind to look at what the strips were made of.  Most do contain synthetic wax though, which is made from mineral oil.  Parissa's are a more natural option, with only three ingredients - pine resin, castor oil, and beeswax.  They also work just as well as their less natural counterparts and can be found in most drugstores.  

I should mention that I never use the azulene oil that comes in most Parissa products.  I've never seen azulene oil anywhere other than in waxing kits, which claim it helps to prevent ingrown hairs, and I haven't been able to find much information about azulene, so I feel better just not using it.  Instead I just use a regular moisturizer after waxing.  I haven't had any problems with ingrown hairs. 

Thanks for sticking with me through the break in posting and a big hi to my new followers! :)