Review: Miessence Bronzing Dust

A couple years back, I ordered a few products from Miessence.  I liked most of what I purchased, but the bronzing dust wasn’t a big hit.   When I first tried it, I found it just made my face look dirty, so it’s ended up sitting unused in my makeup stash for all this time.  Recently, I picked it up again and have been liking it a lot for contouring my cheekbones and around my temples.   

The bronzing dust only comes in one colour, a medium tan shade, so being fair-skinned, I'm careful not to pick up too much product.  If I apply more than a tiny bit, my face ends up looking muddy.  Still, with a very light hand, I think it works well as a contour colour.  Because there is only one shade, this isn't a product that will work for all skin tones.

It's also lightly scented with rose essential oil.  The scent is noticeable when I first apply it, but it doesn't linger at all.  Miessence advertises the bronzing dust as containing "a touch of shimmer," which I can see in the jar, and when I swatch it heavily, but on my face, the shimmer isn't visible at all.  I'd go so far as to say this looks like a matte bronzer on my face.  

Would I repurchase?

Probably not.  With how little of this I've been applying, I think it’s going to take years, literally, to use this product up, but when I do, I'll likely look for a more inexpensive bronzer to replace it.  Miessence’s Bronzing Dust retails for $31.77 for 10 grams net weight, which is a good bit pricier than those sold by many indie makeup companies.  Quality-wise, I do like the product, but I don't think it would be too difficult to find a comparable bronzer for less money.  I'm also not sure this is the perfect shade for me - more colour choices would definitely be a big plus.

With flash                                          Natural light, no flash

Swatched heavily, no flash


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