Review: White Rabbit Beauty

First Thoughts
White Rabbit Beauty is one of my favourite places to shop online.  They have fabulous customer service, generous discounts, and carry an extensive array of cruelty-free companies.  

About the Company
White Rabbit Beauty sells a wide array of products.  Although not all products are vegan, they only sell products that are certified cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny program.  (For more information on Leaping Bunny Certification, see here)  The website is very easy to navigate and is divided into categories for makeup, skin care, hair, nails, vegan, and fragrance-free products.  You can also browse by brand.  

Zuzu Luxe is one of my favourite natural makeup brands, and White Rabbit Beauty has been happily keeping me stocked up.  Some other brands they carry:
- Alima Pure
- Crazy Rumors
- Gabriel Color
and a whole bunch more! 

Customer Service
I don’t think it's an exaggeration to say that White Rabbit Beauty provides some of the best customer service out there.  They are very open to questions and always respond quickly.  Recently, when I asked a question that Jean, the owner, wasn’t 100% sure of the answer to, she contacted the company whose products I was asking about and got the answer, which she then passed on to me!  (This was especially awesome because I had already tried to contact the company directly and gotten no response)

Discounts of 10-20% are automatically calculated on orders over $25.
$25-49.99: 10% discount
$50-89.99: 15% discount
$90 and over: 20% discount
Needless to say, these add up to a good amount of money saved!

Makeup orders ship free, with no minimum purchase.  Shipping rates for orders containing non-makeup products are very reasonable too.  Orders generally ship the next business day, or within 2 business days if your order contains samples.  

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for cruelty-free makeup, skin care, or hair care, White Rabbit Beauty is a great place to shop.  They carry good products, have excellent customer service and quick shipping.  Ingredients are listed for every product, which anyone with allergies or ingredient concerns can definitely appreciate.  They offer samples of many makeup products as well as returns within 30 days.  Also, because of the discounts they offer and free shipping on makeup purchases, you will often end up paying less for a product than you would picking it up in store or ordering it directly from the company!

Would I repurchase?
Absolutely!  I have already purchased from them more than once.

Some pictures of my recent order

What I got: Zuzu Luxe Mascara in Onyx, Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in Sazerac, Zuzu Luxe Lip Liner in Fraise, Gabriel Color Eye Liner in Black and Samples of Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in Starlet and Indulgence [swatches and reviews to follow]


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