Review & Swatches: Zuzu Luxe #2: Lips

Here's the second part of my Zuzu Luxe review.  Sunday I gave you the rundown on Zuzu Luxe's eye products.  Today, I'm moving on to all things lips.

Lipstick ($18.15)
Zuzu Luxe makes some of the best natural lipsticks on the market.  They offer a good range of colours and finishes, from creme to shimmery and frosted.  I have Sazerac and samples of Dollhouse Pink, Galaxy, Starlet, and Indulgence.  (Samples are $1 from White Rabbit Beauty)  My favourites are Galaxy and Dollhouse Pink, but really, all of these colours are nice.  They all give good colour payoff and have a nice feel on my lips.  I don't find them especially moisturizing, but they don't dry out my lips at all either.

Colour Descriptions:
Sazerac - peachy-pink frost
Indulgence - plummy red with gold sparkle
Dollhouse Pink - medium-light Barbie pink (swatch looks a little darker it actually is)
Galaxy - slightly sheer raspberry, glossy finish
Starlet - candy apple red

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Lip Gloss ($18.15)
(L to R) Mischief, Dolce Vita

The lip glosses are my least favourite of all the Zuzu Luxe products I've tried.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing especially wrong with them, but I don't find anything exceptional about them either that justifies the price, when so many indie companies sell glosses for a fraction of the price.  I have Dolce Vita, a shimmery light pink and Mischief, a medium pink.  Both are nice, though pretty sheer.  In terms of wear, they're on the low end of standard lip gloss wear times - maybe 1-2 hours.

Lip Liner ($13.80)
This was also a recent purchase, so I've only used it a couple of times, but so far, I've been impressed.  Fraise is a light, bright pink, similar to Dollhouse Pink lipstick, but a little darker.  If applied under lipstick, it helps prevent feathering, and it's also nice on it's own or with just a clear gloss on top.  It doesn't fully set on your lips like some lip pencils, so when applying lipbalm a couple hours into wearing this, it still transferred a little.  I do find it a little drying, so I like to wear it with either lip balm or gloss on top.  The colour fades gradually, but does last a long while on my lips.  I'm definitely interested in trying a couple more colours of these.

Bottom Line
Zuzu Luxe is one of my favourite natural makeup brands.  They have a good selection of products and better-than-average colour choices for a natural makeup company.  Their prices are sort of middle of the road - not cheap, but not super expensive either.  My favourite products are the mascara, lip liners, and lipsticks, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the whole line.  Another bonus is that Zuzu Luxe is widely available.  It can be found in Whole Foods and other health food stores, as well as from a number of online retailers.  I usually purchase mine from White Rabbit Beauty to take advantage of their free shipping and savings.


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