Current Wishlist

A quick list of a few things that've been on my mental wishlist lately...

I've been holding off on placing my first order with Silk Naturals for a while now, but when I finally give in and let myself order, I'm sure this will be coming home with me!

Naturallogic Bamboo Rice Cleansing Facial Scrub ($10 for 1 oz., $17 for 2 oz.)
I've been looking for a new facial scrub and this one looks like it would do the trick nicely.

I recently picked up my first Zuzu Luxe lip liner (in Fraise) and have been pretty impressed by it.  Definitely wanting to grab a couple more colours now.

Not sure how I missed this when I placed a sample order a few weeks back, but I somehow managed to!  It looks like a gorgeous hot pink and it has no dye or carmine.

And there you have it...four things I've been eyeing lately :)


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