Savvy Minerals by Young Living: Reviewing (Almost) the Entire Line!

Young Living is my favourite essential oil company, so when they debuted a small makeup line, Savvy Minerals, last year, I was pretty excited to check it out. The line consists mainly of loose mineral powders, plus lip products, a mascara, and a setting spray. Everything is free of the regular nasties and made without synthetic fillers or mineral irritants like bismuth oxychloride. My mom is a big Young Living oiler, and she kindly gifted me several of these products. The remainder I was able to borrow and test out from her stash for the sake of including them in the review.

Before we get into the products themselves, I do want to address the elephant in the room. Yes, Young Living is a multi-level marketing company. Yes, I am a distributor, and yes, I’d be happy to help you get their products. BUT, I’ve never been a shill, nor do I sugarcoat my opinions because of brand affiliations. Today’s review is no different.  It’s an honest look at the new Savvy Minerals line -- some products I really like, some I’m a little less sure of, and one that I didn’t get on with at all. Keep reading for all the details...

Foundation Powder - Cool No. 1
The Savvy Minerals Foundation is marketed as a long-wearing mineral foundation with a buildable formula that can go from sheer to full coverage. It’s a solid foundation, but I don’t think it fully lives up to those claims. To me, it’s a nice lightweight, natural, low-coverage mineral foundation. It has a beautiful finish -- satin with a slight luminosity -- but only offers light to low-medium coverage. I’ve tried it with a few different brushes and I don’t think there’s any way to build this foundation up to a full coverage.

The colour range is also somewhat limited, with six light to medium shades (three cool and three warm), and four darker.  As I always say, hopefully the shade range will be extended in the future.  I chose the color Cool No. 1, the lightest cool shade, which is pretty pink in comparison to my usual more neutral foundation colours, but it does match me and blend into my skin nicely. Cool No. 1 is light enough that I could probably go up a shade in the summer. 

Diamond Dust Veil
The Diamond Dust is advertised as a lightweight and sheer setting powder/mineral veil intended to extend makeup wear time, absorb excess oil, and add luminosity to the skin while blurring fine lines and imperfections. I love a good luminous setting powder, and while the Diamond Dust has a pretty finish on the skin, it also has plenty of actual glitter particles. I just can’t do glitter all over my face, so it’s a big no from me on this one.

Blush -- Smashing
Smashing is a super pretty blush and is one of the more unique colors I’ve seen in the Savvy Minerals lineup. On first glance, it’s a pretty standard coral/peachy-pink, but it has a hint of cool silver/blue iridescence that brings a lot of extra interest to the shade. The blush blends easily and looks super pretty on the cheeks. Smashing is quite glowy and can definitely function as a 2-in-1 blush and highlight.

(L to R) Crushin' Eye Shadow, Residual Eye Shadow, Multitasker (blended), Multitasker (heavy), Smashing Blush, Cool No. 1 Foundation, Diamond Dust (heavy), Diamond Dust (blended)

Eye Shadow -- Crushin’ + Residual
The Savvy Minerals eye shadow range consists of ten colours, with a pretty even split between neutrals and purples and pinks, plus one random green shade. I, not surprisingly, chose two peachy colours: Crushin’, a shimmery medium peach, and Residual, a pale peach/beige shimmer.  The shadows are pigmented, apply smoothly, and blend nicely too. Both colors are shimmers, but they’re on the more subtle side, so perfectly suitable for everyday, work, or any other occasion. 

The MultiTasker is a matte brown intended for use as an eyeliner, eyebrow color, and eye shadow. The colour is far too dark for my brows, so I haven't I tested it for that purpose, but it works well as both an eyeliner and eye shadow. As you can see in the swatch, it’s quite pigmented, particularly when applied with an eyeliner brush, but it also blends out nicely if you want to use it as an eye shadow. The MultiTasker can also be applied wet for a more dramatic look. 

Lipstick - Daydream + Wish
The lipsticks have a lovely formula, but I’m not crazy about how shimmery the colors run. My mom has gotten a lot of wear out both Daydream (peachy-nude) and Wish (mauve/pink) and they look great on her, but the finish just isn't something I'd wear regularly.  If you like a more shimmery lip, the lipsticks are buttery, moisturizing, and feel very comfortable on the lips. They’re not ultra-saturated with color, need a couple swipes for full opacity, and almost feel like a halfway point between a tinted balm and a lipstick.

Lip Gloss - Embrace + Abundant
The glosses are fantastic! They’re thick and beautifully shiny on the lips, with just a hint of stickiness to keep them hanging on. Flavoured with peppermint essential oil, they smell fresh and have a slight minty tingle when first applied. The camera picked up some micro-shimmer in the swatches, but I’ve never noticed it on the lips. Both Embrace, a peachy-nude, and Abundant, a medium pink, give beautiful glossy color and a nice fullness to the lips. There are also two other shades -- a bronze and a deeper plum/mauve.  I think the lip glosses are my favorite from the entire Savvy Minerals range.

(L to R) Wish Lipstick, Daydream Lipstick, Embrace Lip Gloss, Abundant Lip Gloss
Misting Spray
The Misting Spray, which somehow missed the photos, is a water, aloe, glycerin, and essential oil spray that can be used before makeup, as a skin hydrator, or after, as a makeup setting spray. The spray is lightweight and lovely and I like using it both ways. It’s, not surprisingly, loaded with essential oils and smells gorgeous -- a mix of light florals and vanilla, with just a hint of citrus. I think the mist makes a great hydrating toner, when used as more of a skincare step, and it also does a good job post-makeup, to reduce any powderyness and to help everything meld into the skin better.

The Bottom Line

With the exception of the Diamond Dust Veil, which disappointed me, I think Savvy Minerals has some great products! The price point is quite high for some items, in my opinion, but I have few complaints about the products themselves, which are solid. My top picks? Definitely the lip glosses, plus the Misting Spray and Smashing Blush. I’m also curious to try the Savvy Minerals mascara that's currently out of stock/being reformulated!

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