Everyday Minerals Foundation Comparison (Matte Base, Semi Matte Base + Jojoba Base)

Powder foundation is my everyday go-to.  It's quick and easy to apply, longwearing, and doesn't bother or irritate my skin the way that most liquid and cream makeup does with daily use.  I’ve tried many different brands and Everyday Minerals is one that I always cycle back to.  Everyday Minerals products are inexpensive, work well, and, particularly if you’re based in the U.S., are pretty accessible too.

The Semi Matte Base, in particular, has been part of my regular rotation on and off for years, but my skin mysteriously started producing a bit more oil this past summer, which is what led me to more thoroughly test out the brand’s other two foundation formulas: the Matte Base and the Jojoba Base.   Now that I've used all three foundations for an extended period of time, I wanted to share my thoughts and compare them for anyone who might be struggling to decide between the three.  

All three bases are available in 24 colours, divided into 8 neutral, 8 cool, and 8 warm shades.  I wear the shade 1N, the second lightest neutral color in the range, described as a “lovely pale shade with neutral undertones, beautiful on light olive and freckled complexions.”  My skin is neutral-leaning-pink, rather than olive, but I generally prefer neutral foundations to balance out those rosier tones. Like the entire Everyday Minerals line, the mineral bases are cruelty-free and free of synthetic colorants, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, nanoparticles, and bismuth oxychloride.  All three formulas retail for $15, although you can find some shades discounted on iHerb.  

Keep reading for more details on each base formula...

Coverage: Medium
Finish: Semi Matte/Satin (“Soft Glow”)
Color: The most neutral/peach of the 1N’s. Same depth as the Matte Base 1N.
Wear Time: 8-10 hours

Everyday Minerals describes the Semi Matte Base as a soft glow foundation ideal for normal skin types.  It has a very natural finish and offers solid medium coverage with a subtle luminosity.  This was my favorite formula originally, but as soon as my skin started producing a little more oil last summer, the foundation stopped holding up as well.  I found the base started to break down throughout the day, leaving my face shiny and causing the foundation to sit awkwardly on the skin and to visibly settle into pores within 4-5 hours. If you don't deal with much oil on your skin, it is a beautiful product.

Matte Base
Coverage: Medium+, Buildable
Finish: Soft Matte (“Low Glow”)
Color: Slightly warmer/yellower than the Semi Matte 1N
Wear Time: 12-14 hours

The Matte Base has become my new favorite.  Right off the bat, it offers slightly more coverage than the Semi Matte and it’s also quite buildable to a medium-full coverage.  The finish is not a completely flat matte, so the foundation never looks overly powdery or unnatural on the skin.  If you have oil concerns, the Matte Base is the one to go with as it offers, by far, the most in the way of oil control/absorption and lasts the longest on the skin too.  Applied with a dense concealer brush, this formula can also double nicely as a powder concealer.  

Jojoba Base
Coverage: Light/Low Medium
Finish: Semi Matte (“Illuminating Glow”)
Color: Slightly warmer/yellower than the Semi Matte 1N.  Lighter than both the Matte and Semi Matte 1N’s
Wear Time: 8-10 hours

With just a hint of a glow, the Jojoba Base is a lower coverage intermediate between the Matte and Semi Matte formulas. It’s not matte, but it’s also not as luminous as the Semi Matte.  The coverage is definitely lighter than the other two, and I haven't been able to build it up past a light-medium. For 1N, the color runs a little lighter than either the Matte or Semi Matte formulas.  The Jojoba Base is infused with jojoba esters and is particularly recommended for dry skin.  The jojoba gives the powder a slightly creamier feel to the touch and on application, but I haven’t noticed any real difference in skin hydration or moisture when compared to the other two bases.  Your mileage may vary, of course, and dry skin types might notice a bigger difference in this regard.  

The Bottom Line
Everyday Minerals' three base formulas are all somewhat similar, with just a few key differences.  None of the foundations offer complete, full coverage and all three leave your face looking natural and very skin-like. They all also come packaged in the same great jars. Larger and flatter than a lot of other mineral foundation packaging, the bigger lids make swirling your brush into the product a breeze.

If you have more oily skin or are looking for higher coverage, the Matte Base is your best bet.  For a beautiful and luminous finish, I love the Semi Matte Base, but I don’t find it wears as long or as well.  The Jojoba Base, with the lowest coverage, is my least favourite of the three, mainly because I find it a little redundant in the line. I just don't find it does anything that can't be achieved with one of the other two formulas, however those with dry skin might feel differently.  

Everyday Minerals offers free sample packs (you just pay shipping!) that allow you to easily test out the different shades and formulas, which is great, since, as you can see in the above swatches, the shades do vary slightly across the different lines. They colours are close enough that, even though I think the peachier tones of the Semi Matte match me best, the Matte and Jojoba don't create any significant color matching issues.  

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  1. Love this breakdown of the 3! I used to wear EDM all the time, but once I found Lucy Minerals, haven't gone back. I may just check out what they have new though...;-)

    1. Thanks Sabrina! I'm a big Lucy Minerals fan too, but EDM is what I've been grabbing for when I want a little lower coverage. Definitely worth checking out again at some point:)