Green People Neutral Scent Free Shampoo + Conditioner

I'm what I consider to be moderately scent sensitive.  Sensitive because I enjoy most natural scents but struggle with a few, and also because I have occasional days when I wish all my products had zero scent.   One such day is what led me to ordering the Green People Scent Free Shampoo and Conditioner. The Scent Free Shampoo and Conditioner are particularly marketed towards sensitive scalps, but, since they include no added fragrance or essential oils, they're obviously fantastic for sensitive noses too.

The duo is basic and effective.  The Scent Free Shampoo is SLS free, lathers nicely, rinses out easily, and leaves both the hair and scalp feeling clean and refreshed.  It’s a gentle wash that gets everything clean on the daily, although I do find myself needing to use something a bit more clarifying every few weeks to get rid of extra product build up that the Green People doesn't quite seem able to tackle on its own.

The shampoo also includes pineapple extract and salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and remove any flakes on the scalp. I don't deal with flakes or dandruff, so I can't speak to those benefits specifically, but the shampoo gets my scalp nice and clean without feeling harsh or irritating.

The Scent Free Conditioner is a great lightweight option. It's extra gentle and moisturizes enough for regular use, but again, for my curly hair moisture needs, I find myself periodically reaching for something a little richer as a more intense moisture treatment. (Green People's own Intensive Repair Conditioner for coloured and damaged hair, which I've used multiple samples of, works great for this purpose!) The conditioner includes hydrolyzed quinoa and vitamin B to strengthen hair, and green tea for added shine.  Because it's so light, the conditioner never leaves hair feeling weighed down or heavy.

Coming full circle back to scent, although the Scent Free duo has no added scent ingredients, both products have very slight herbal aromas, presumably from the other ingredients.  It's nothing major and nothing that's noticeable after the products are washed out.  Personally, I prefer a mild scent like these to a completely bland unscented version, since those are, ironically, often only achieved with added scent ingredients to mask the natural ingredient aromas.  

The Bottom Line
Neutral is a fitting name for this sensitive duo.  Both the Scent Free Shampoo and Conditioner are strong everyday products and I like them both, but I find myself mixing in other items every so often to complement the Green People products.  I find the shampoo needs a clarifying boost every couple of weeks to completely remove product build up, and the conditioner does best when I incorporate something a little richer every so often too.  

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