Stellar Summer Standouts (ft. Botanical Butter, Holiskin + Silk Naturals)

I finally cleared out my overflowing bag of empties this past long weekend, so next I want to talk about a few products that really stood out to me over the summer.  Summer favorites are always a little bittersweet since, obviously, summer is over, but at the same time I'm excited to share these products!  

Botanical Butter Spring Chamomile Butter*
Moisturizing oils and butters abound in the green beauty sphere, but the really good ones still manage to stand out from the masses.  Botanical Butter's Spring Butter is one such treat. A decadent mix of shea, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, the Spring Chamomile Butter is extra rich and nourishing and it smells phenomenal too!  As the name suggests, the predominant scent is chamomile, but it's also sweetened up a smidge with a hint of jasmine, lavender, and neroli.   A firmer butter, this isn't the kind of product I find myself slathering all over my body, but rather something I like to use sparingly on extra dry spots like my feet and elbows.  It's been doing a fantastic job keeping my tootsies sandal-ready this whole summer and I expect it will perform just as well heading into the colder months too.  

Silk Naturals Close Up Illuminating Powder

I can get behind an intense highlight on occasion, but for day-to-day, I much prefer a more natural glow, which is exactly what Close Up provides.  Intended as a toned-down MAC Lightscapade --with a much cleaner ingredients list, of course -- Close Up is a delicate cream with a soft gold and pink glow.  It gives a subtle sheen with absolutely no glitter.  According to Silk Naturals, the Illuminating Powders can be used all over the face to perk up a dull complexion, but I prefer the effect when Close Up is concentrated just on the high points of the face, as you would use a traditional highlighter.  It's subtle but still noticeable (at least to me!) and truly gives that candlelight, lit-from-within glow that everyone is always talking about.

Holiskin Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser*

I first reviewed this cleanser in the spring and I've only fallen harder for it since.  The Sensitive Skin Cleanser smells like fresh, rich chamomile, which we've already established I adore, and melts away makeup -- and sunscreen too -- like nobody's business.  Made with a blend of organic or wildcrafted apricot kernel, camellia seed, meadowfoam seed, and castor seed oils, it's a cleanser that's gentle enough for the most delicate skin, but also perfectly suited to virtually any skin type.  The texture/viscosity is thick enough that the oil isn't at risk of running off your face, but it's still thin enough to offer great slip and glide over the skin easily and without any excess catching or tugging.  Just an all-around amazing oil cleanser and definitely a new favorite of mine! 

What products did you love this summer?

*Press sample

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