Duckish Natural Skin Care: Handmade Bath + Body Treats

Duckish is a Canadian skincare company handcrafting natural and cruelty free bath and body products in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The company reached out to me over the summer and very kindly sent me their Starter Bundle, a customizable kit containing all five of Duckish's bath and body products in your chosen scents.  I'm eager to share my thoughts on everything!

Shea (Unscented) Body Butter
Let's jump right in with my favorite of the five products!  My soft spot for unscented body moisturizers is no secret, and this rich blend of shea butter, grapeseed, coconut, olive, and jojoba oils is just the ticket for dry or irritated skin.  I have a small self-diagnosed patch of eczema on one foot that doesn't tolerate many products, but I had no problems using the Body Butter on it.  In fact, it even went one step further and worked very well at soothing both the itch and actual sensitivity when it flared up briefly last week.  And, it works great on ordinary dry skin too.  

The Unscented Butter smells faintly of unrefined shea butter, but it's mild and only noticeable as you're first applying it. If you prefer a scent, Duckish's Body Butter is also available in Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, and Tea Tree varieties.

Mint Bath Salts
I'm not the biggest bath person, particularly in the warmer months, so when I noticed Duckish includes the Bath Salts in their DIY Pedicure Kit, I was inspired to use them as a foot soak instead.  Made from a mix of four different salts -- sea salt, dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt and epsom salt -- as well as almond and coconut oils, the bath salts dissolve easily and add a light dose of softening moisture to your water.  The Mint scent is a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus -- two of my favorites -- and it smells wonderfully invigorating.  Just sniffing the package completely clears my sinuses, so I bet it will be a fantastic one to have on hand once cold and flu season hits!

Lavender Bath Bombs
With little lavender petals on top, these were so cute I hesitated to actually use them!  Again, I'm no bath expert, but the bath bombs fizzed nicely and made the water soft and a little milky.  They smelled more fresh and herbacious than heavily flowery -- my preference for lavender scents -- and I enjoyed using them.  I don't think you can purchase the bath bombs individually right now, but they come in a few of Duckish's different bundles and sets

Lavender Mini Lotion Stick
A lot of solid lotions rely heavily on waxes, but Duckish's Lotion Stick feels more like an oil in solid form.  Solid in the tube, it melts into the skin immediately on contact and, although it contains beeswax, leaves behind no waxy coating or heavy residue, just soft, silky smooth skin.  I especially love using it on my legs, and it's also wonderful for spreading on the backs of your hands when you need moisture without greasy fingertips.  Like the bath bombs, the lavender scent is very fresh and I can also smell a little bit of the olive oil coming through.  The purse-friendly mini size is great too -- perfect for carrying with you on the go!

Grapefruit Lip Balm
I use lip balm countless times a day, so while I'm always up for trying new ones, I'm also a little picky about the ones I reach for.  Duckish's, which is rich and buttery with just a slight waxy feel that really keeps the product hanging onto your lips, definitely makes the cut.  I think it will make a fantastic cold weather balm since that same waxiness really seals moisture in and offers great protection against the elements.  I wish the grapefruit scent was a bit stronger as I find the olive oil competes with it a little, but it's not a deal breaker.    

The Bottom Line
The Starter Bundle is a great way to get a feel for Duckish's line and to try a number of products at a small discount.  The Lotion Stick and Body Butter were my favorite discoveries and are the two items I'd put my money towards first, but there really wasn't a dud in the bunch.  The Bath Salts were a close third, and I think, along with the bath bombs, they'd be a big hit with bath lovers.  The lip balm is also great and is something I expect I'll get a lot of good use out of come winter.

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  1. Love the name! Also the idea of a lotion in a stick form - not sure why we don't see more of these as it's such a good idea. Plus anything mini is just like catnip to me :) Love hearing about Canadian brands - will definitely be having a look on their website! X

    1. Totally agree, lotion sticks are so handy! I've tried a few other ones, all from Canadian brands now that I think about it (maybe they're a Canadian thing?!), and I think Duckish's has been my favorite! It's just so smooth and melty :)

  2. What a great little starter set. That lotion stick has me intrigued. I want to try it out now! Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! The lotion stick is really wonderful -- highly recommend giving it a go :)