New from Holiskin: Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser + Cacao Seaweed Facial Mask

I was first introduced to Holiskin last year and, more than a year later, I still can't say enough good things about this brand!  With simple formulations, affordable prices, and a focus on sourcing the BEST quality organic and wild crafted ingredients, Holiskin is a line that really resonates with me.  

The company launched a few new products this spring and I've happily been trialing the Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser* and Holiskin's first mask creation, the Cacao Seaweed Facial Mask*, and, once again, I'm impressed!

Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser
Oil cleansers are my favorite way to remove makeup and the Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser is a real gem.  With a base of organic apricot kernel, camellia, meadowfoam, and castor seed oils, it's gentle and suitable for all skin types.  I prefer traditional oil cleansing (dry skin and a wet washcloth), but it also works well for dry oil cleansing, which I've seen talked about a lot recently.  

The key to good oil cleansing, for me, is to take a couple minutes to really massage the oil into the skin before taking it off, and the Sensitive Skin Cleanser has the perfect slip and viscosity for that.  It glides over the skin easily, but it's not so thin that it just runs off your face.  It removes every last trace of makeup and grime and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.  

I usually double cleanse with a second cleanser after any oil, but I wouldn't say it's an absolute necessity with this one, as it wipes away cleanly and doesn't leave a noticeable film behind on the skin.  The chamomile lavender scent -- heavy on the chamomile and light on the lavender -- is also beautiful, and perfect for winding down at the end of the day.  

Cacao Seaweed Facial Mask
With only three ingredients, this blend of organic raw cacao, organic wildcrafted seaweed powder, and kaolin clay is simplicity done just right.  Kaolin is a gentle white clay that detoxifies and purifies the skin, while raw cacao and seaweed are both packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish the skin and fight against free radicals and other environmental stresses.

Holiskin suggests mixing the mask with honey or coconut milk, but I'll admit, I haven't actually tried it with either of those.  Instead, I've mixed it with plain water and hydrosols.  Both worked great, and I'm sure honey and coconut milk would too.

Because kaolin is such a gentle clay, I don't find the Cacao Seaweed Mask to be supremely detoxifying, but it definitely pulls some junk out of your pores and I can visibly see that they look cleaner after using it.  This would be a great option for sensitive skin or anyone that finds most clay masks overly stripping or drying.  

A final thing to note is that the seaweed smell is quite pronounced, even when mixed with hydrosols and essential oils.  I love what seaweed can do for your skin, but it's admittedly not my favorite smell in the world.

The Bottom Line
Two great new additions to Holiskin's line!  The Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser is an all around winner and the Cacao Seaweed Facial Mask is great too, as long as you aren't overly sensitive to the smell of seaweed.  

I also spotted a great deal on Holiskin's Instagram just as I was putting the final touches on this post -- $15 off any purchase of $20+ on the main Holiskin site with the code SPECIAL15.  Good for 3 days only.  I'm not seeing the Sensitive Cleanser on there, but I'm sure Holiskin can hook you up if you get in touch!  

*Press sample


  1. Thank you for your wonderful review! I will update the website today with the cleanser. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  2. This sounds like an exciting brand, Caitie!