Niora Naturals Alpha Clear Adult Acne Treatment (Alpha Clear Cleanser + Exfoliant)

My skin isn't very acne-prone anymore, as many of you will already know, so I don't usually review acne products, but I made an exception for Niora Naturals, an affordable adult acne line whose products rely on fruit-based alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) to simultaneously target anti-aging concerns and clear acne.  Used at low levels, these fruit acids are gentle and great for balancing oil production, exfoliating away buildup and dead skin cells, improving skin texture, and fading scars and age spots. 

Niora very generously sent me their entire range of Adult Acne products, but for today's post, I want to focus on the two products that have really stood out to me: the Alpha Clear Cleanser and Alpha Clear Exfoliant.  These two are at the center of Niora's line and together they make up the company's two-step acne treatment system.

Alpha Clear Cleanser
Described as a "moisturizing cleanser for adult acne," the Alpha Clear Cleanser is a creamy cleanser, boosted with AHA's.  My skin leans a little dry this time of year and I wouldn't say I find the cleanser particularly moisturizing, but it isn't drying either.  My favorite thing about it is its light emollient texture that has great slip on the skin and rinses away cleanly.  Niora avoids both chemical emulsifiers and emulsifying waxes, and instead uses lecithin phospholipids, creating a light-textured emulsion that won't clog pores or leave behind any kind of waxy film or coating.  On my skin, the cleanser feels a little too potent for everyday use, but I've enjoyed adding it into my routine as more of a treatment cleanser every two or three days.  

All the Niora products have a mild scent that I can't quite put my finger on.  The cleanser contains ylang ylang and orange essential oils, but all I smell - across the entire range - is a somewhat nondescript, almost sunscreeny scent.  Keep in mind that my nose is extra sensitive and while it's not my favorite scent, it's not offensive either.  

Alpha Clear Exfoliant
The Alpha Clear Exfoliant is my number one pick from Niora's line.  It's basically an exfoliating toner - something hard to come by in the green beauty world - that works to gently resurface the skin.  By flushing out pores and exfoliating dead skin and debris, it works to create an environment less conducive to acne and breakouts.  The AHA's also trigger increased cell turnover, helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and speed up the fading of scars and age spots.  I've definitely noticed that my pores stay cleaner - and therefore look smaller - since incorporating this product into my routine.  

The fruit acids are well balanced in a base of aloe vera and glycerin and the exfoliant feels quite gentle on the skin.  I noticed some tingling when I first started using it, but my skin got used to it within a few days and I haven't experienced any sensitivity since.  That said, I do prefer to use it just once a day - usually at night - rather than the twice daily recommended by the company.

The Bottom Line
I don't love how they smell, but I'm impressed with everything else about Niora Natural's Adult Acne Treatment system.  Whether you struggle with acne or are looking for AHA products for more anti-aging purposes, Niora is a great line to look into.  The products are well formulated with low levels of acids, and further gentled with soothing and nourishing ingredients like aloe and jojoba oil, making them suitable for even sensitive skin, though perhaps with less frequent application (ie. once daily rather than twice), as I've found myself doing.

Have you tried Niora Naturals?  What are your favorite products for fighting acne + breakouts?  

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  1. Love Niora Naturals! Their products had actually really helped clear up my skin when I had tried them...I keep meaning to get them back into my routine! Great review as usual! :-) xo

    1. That's great to hear! I have such a tendency to forget to go back to products of the downsides of blogging I guess :)