Rocky Mountain Soap Apricot Hand Cream

I'll be the first to admit that products like hand cream often fall by the wayside here during the warmer months, but as soon as temperatures drop, you better believe I start slathering them on again like nobody's business!  My most recent pick?  Rocky Mountain Soap's Apricot Hand Cream ($11 for 50 ml/1.69 oz).

The formula and overall feel of the cream is lovely.  It has a silky, creamy consistency that feels rich and hydrating, but it also doesn't take long to absorb.  I wouldn't say reach for a touchscreen immediately after using the cream, but you're good to go within two to three minutes.  

The hand cream is loaded with nourishing ingredients like sunflower, olive, jojoba and apricot kernel oils and mango and shea butters, and I've found it very effective at keeping dry, papery hands at bay this fall/winter.  It also contains date palm extract, a powerhouse antioxidant with proven anti-aging benefits, and honey extract, a gentle humectant that helps the skin absorb and hold onto moisture.  

I'm not crazy in love with the apricot scent, but there's nothing wrong with it per say.  Smelling the cream straight out of the tube, it's very fresh and fruity and I love it, but once it touches my skin, my nose also picks up a kind of milky note that I'm not as crazy about.  It's not an offensive scent by any means, just not a favorite for me either.  

The Bottom Line
Rocky Mountain Soap Co. is a great Canadian company and I'm really happy with how well the hand cream works.  It's rich and moisturizing but doesn't leave you with greasy hands or unable to touch anything for a prolonged period.  I'd likely opt for a different scent next time, but it's a product I can definitely see myself buying again!

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