Holiday Gift Guide #2: Gifts for the Green Beauty Lover Who's Tried It All

Last week's gift guide covered gifts suitable for introducing a newbie to green beauty and today, I want to flip to the complete other end of the spectrum: shopping for the experienced green beauty lover.  She's already a clean beauty devotee and has sampled the gamut herself.  In a lot of ways, I think this is one of the most challenging giftees to shop for, but I've put together a good mix of new releases and lesser known companies and products to help you out.  
Rachel's Plan Bee x kimberlyloc Limited Edition Body Oil
A collaboration between Rachel's Plan Bee and Kim of, this limited edition body oil features two types of jasmine, rose, vanilla, and sweet orange.  The company's original body oil is a firm favorite of mine that hydrates like a dream without leaving your skin feeling greasy or coated, and I have no doubt that the jasmine-infused oil is equally beautiful for jasmine and floral lovers.  

Henné Organics Luxury Organic Lip Balm

USDA certified organic, made with minimal ingredients, and packaged in beautiful and luxe Miron glass,  Henné Organics lip balm epitomizes elegant simplicity and is just the thing for the tough-to-shop-for green beauty lover.  After all, who doesn't love a good lip balm - especially in the dead of winter?

Ilia Beauty Fall/Winter Collection
Ilia recently expanded their collection to include eyeliners, shadow sticks, and liquid foundation.  I'm swooning over the idea of twist up liners - virtually unheard of from natural brands - and the shadow sticks look great too!  I haven't heard a lot about the foundation so far, but so long as you're confident in your ability to color match your recipient's skintone, it could make a lovely gift too.

NCLA Nail Lacquers
I don't see NCLA talked about a lot, but these 5-free and vegan lacquers are one of my favorite nail polish formulas.  They dry quickly and wear well, and with tons of colors, multiple finishes and several different gift set options, there's lots to choose from!

A Fantastic Face Mask
What beauty junkie doesn't love a good face mask?  Pictured above are Balanced Guru's Calming Masque - a favorite of mine that equally detoxifies and soothes the skin - and two that are new to me: Corpa Flora's berry-packed Caviar Rouge and Consonant's multitasking (exfoliating, detoxifying + moisturizing) DHE Mask.  All three brands have excellent products but tend to fly slightly under the radar in the green beauty community.  

An Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential oil diffusers are great for scenting your home, setting a mood, and purifying the air.  Pictured above is Young Living's Dew Drop, the one I'm currently using.  I like it because it's quiet and it creates enough of a scent throw to be noticeable throughout a large room or even an entire floor.  Because it uses water to create a cool mist, it also acts as a small-scale humidifier, so it's great for keeping skin hydrated too.  

Napa Organics Plum Oil / Océopin Maritime Pine Seed Oil
Any green beauty devotee is sure to have tried their share of oils, but they may not be familiar with these two lesser-known beauties.  Both are harvested in limited quantities - in California and southern France, respectively - and are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are great for cell renewal and maintaining the skin's elasticity and barrier function.  Napa Organics' Plum Kernel Oil has a light almond/cherry scent and is excellent for balancing oil production and minimizing the appearance of scars and fine lines.  And, Océopin's Maritime Pine Seed Oil, which uses a patented cold extraction method to extract oil from the pine cones of organic Maritime pine trees, has an extremely high antioxidant content that actively protects against skin aggressors and free radicals. 

What would you suggest when shopping for a fellow green beauty lover?  

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  1. All of these look and sound amazing! I'm dying to get my hands on the body oil it sounds so divine. I've been dreaming of it since it was released!
    Rach xx

    1. Yes!! I'm not great with strong jasmine smells and even I was tempted! RPB definitely knows how to do oils right :)