A Tale of Two Deodorants with Nourish Organic

I've used Nourish Organic's original Fresh & Dry Deodorant Stick on and off for years, so when the company launched their new Deodorant Cream last spring, I was eager to give it a try.  Both deodorants are affordable, have fantastic ingredients and are USDA certified organic, but that's where many of the similarities end.

Keep reading for my thoughts on both formulas...

Fresh & Dry Deodorant Stick
The Fresh & Dry Deodorant contains no baking soda and the ingredients more so resemble those of a hydrating body butter than a typical deodorant.  Nourishing organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter are extra gentle on sensitive skin and cornstarch helps keep moisture away.  Odor protection comes from organic saccharomyces ferment, a blend of plant enzymes that actively target and digest the bacteria that causes odor.  

I like this deodorant and it's one I've purchased more than once, but it does have a couple drawbacks.  With regards to odor protection, it falls on the milder end of the spectrum.  I've seen a lot of mixed reviews, so it's definitely not a deodorant that works for everyone.  Personally, I reach for it most on days when I'm just hanging out at home and know that I won't be super active.  If I'm going to be out and about, I'll layer another product on top - my favorite pairing is with the Weleda Citrus Deodorant - to make sure it lasts all day.  The deodorant can also feel a little sticky on the hottest summer days, but I enjoy using it the rest of the year.

Organic & Effective Deodorant Cream
The Deodorant Cream looks like another stick deodorant at first glance, but it's actually a soft cream that gets pushed up through a series of holes in the top of the tube.

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what's so familiar about this mechanism and it finally hit me today: Play-Doh Mop Top toys!

Getting back to the deodorant itself, the cream has a fair few more ingredients than the Stick and does contain baking soda midway down the list.   I'm hit or miss on baking soda deodorants - some cause a reaction and some don't - but I haven't had any problems or irritation from this one.  Where the stick formula basically has a simple coconut oil and plant butter base, the cream is a water-based emulsion of aloe, alcohol, and glycerin mixed with various oils and butters.  The Deodorant Cream works well and keeps me smelling fresh all day long.  It also feels drier on the skin compared to Nourish's stick deodorant.  

Unfortunately, while I have no complaints about efficacy, it's not a total love.  First, the number of holes in the top means that even turning the dial just a tiny bit pushes out a lot more product than I need for a single armpit.  The way it's packaged also implies that you should be able to just swipe it on from the tube and go, but you definitely need to work the cream in with your fingers as well.  I find it easier to apply with fingers from the get go and at that point, I'd prefer if it came in a regular pot like most other cream deodorants.  

My other issue is with how the deodorant smells.  The third ingredient is denatured alcohol and that's 90% of what I smell, with maybe a hint of minty/forest mixed in.  I don't know if this is representative of the entire Cream Deodorant line or if it's just the Forest scent, but it reminds me of the company's body lotions - the one Nourish product I'm really not a fan of - which also have a noticeable alcohol smell.  

The Bottom Line
Both deodorants have their strengths and weaknesses, but for my purposes, I still prefer Nourish's original formula.  The Deodorant Cream offers better and longer odor protection, but it has a strong alcohol scent and I don't like the application method.  The Fresh & Dry Deodorant Stick, on its own, doesn't reliably keep me stink-free through an intense workout or a heatwave, but the gentle formula is excellent on sensitive pits and it's a great option for less active days or for layering with other deodorants.

Have you tried either of Nourish's deodorants?  How did they work for you?
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