February Empties / Products I've Used Up

It's that time again!  I didn't use up that much stuff this month, but I was able to finish off a couple products I'd been wanting to be rid of, so I'm happy about that.  I also used up some makeup and cleared out my open mascaras, which is always a good thing.  Here's a look at February's empties:

KYI Unscented Sweet Almond Softening Oil*   [Review]
I really like the entire KYI line and the Almond Softening Oil is no exception.  It's gentle, very hydrating, and more affordable than a lot of other comparable body oils.  The Unscented version is just almond oil, so I wouldn't go out of my way to re-buy it, but I do want to pick up more of the Chamomile Lavender - my favorite KYI scent - at some point.

Also, in case you missed it in the sidebar, you can save 10% off any KYI purchase with the code "NB10." Code is valid through the end of April. 

La Mav Cranberry Bio Exfoliating Scrub*   [Review]
This is a great face scrub.  It does a good job exfoliating without ever feeling harsh or overly abrasive, and my skin always looked extra healthy and luminous after using it.  I like to try new scrubs - in fact, I don't know that I've ever bought the same one more than once - but I did really enjoy this one.

Earthbody Brighten Cleanser & Mask
I got this trial size in one of my first Petit Vour boxes and I think it's one of the best products they've included to date.  Described as a "superfruit enzyme powder," Brighten takes Moroccan rhassoul clay and elevates it to a higher level with thirteen different plant and fruit powders.  I never tried it as a cleanser, but I loved using it as a mask.  I can't justify buying another mask until I go through a few of the other ones I currently have, but I'll miss having this in rotation in the meantime.

Shiro Cosmetics Default Lip Balm
Default is the untinted version of Shiro's Intertubes.  I loved the (now discontinued) Intertube formula, so when Shiro released an untinted version a few years ago, I rushed to buy several of these pots.  Unfortunately, I never thought it worked as well in a pot.  Depending on the temperature in your home, it tends to be very solid, making it difficult to apply.  I also found the texture of these specific ones to be somewhat gritty and chunky, and although it was probably just crystallized shea butter, I didn't enjoy it.  All in all, even though the actual formula worked great on my lips, I'm not sorry to see the end of these.

Boo Bamboo Line Lifting Face Cream*   [Review]
I mentioned I was trying to use this up in last week's What I Do With Products I Don't Love post, so it shouldn't be too surprising that I'm happy to see the end of this cream.  I used most of the pot as a body moisturizer, and while I ended up actually enjoying it that way, I wouldn't buy it for that purpose alone.

Young Living Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
I don't use much hand sanitizer, but I like to carry one in my bag for those "just in case" moments.  This is my favorite - and really the only one I buy - because I like the ingredients, the gel consistency and that it's non-sticky and doesn't smell like alcohol.  I also love how tiny and compact the bottle is.  

Blissoma Pure Sensitive Skin Soothing Complex
Another of my favorite products to come in a Petit Vour box!  My skin went a little haywire towards the beginning of the winter and Pure is the product that calmed it down. Made without essential oils, fragrance, alcohol or other irritants, Pure instead contains shea butter, marshmallow root,  plantain, self heal and more, and is one of the most soothing moisturizers I've used.  Definitely a product I can see myself purchasing in full size in the future.

The All Natural Face Olive Squalane Oil
More costly squalane oils from Indie Lee and Peter Thomas Roth have garnered a lot of positive attention, so when I spotted this rollerball from The All Natural Face selling for a mere $5, I couldn't resist adding it to my most recent order.  As it turns out, it didn't do much for me.  From everything I've read, squalane is supposed to be non-greasy and quick to absorb, but I found the opposite with this - it felt heavy and just sat on top of my skin, never really soaking in.  I'm still curious how the more expensive squalane oils might compare, particularly the sugar cane-derived Peter Thomas Roth one, but this one was not a hit.

Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation in Geisha   [Review]
I think I've gone through four or five pans of this foundation in the last couple years and it's still one of my favorites.  I love how natural it looks on the skin, as well as how incredibly quick it is to buff on in the mornings.  It works great on its own, but can also be used to add an extra layer of coverage on top of cream or liquid products.  I've heard the foundation has been slightly reformulated, which is always a little concerning, but I've got one more pan I'd previously bought before I need to worry about that.

Pollen & Wax Apollo Cleansing Milk   [Review]
Another product I'm happy to be done with!  Apollo just didn't work for my skin in any way, shape or form.  I tried it as a daily cleanser, a weekly exfoliant, and even on my body, and it left me consistently underwhelmed.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Vanilla Candy Cane Soap (mini)   [Review]
This soap came in a holiday kit and I liked it a lot.  It lathered well, smelled great, and didn't dry out my skin.  The Vanilla Candy Cane scent isn't available right now, but I'd buy it again next Christmas.  I'm also curious to try other Rocky Mountain Soap scents.

Une Beauty Skin Glow Pencil in G02   [Review]
This pencil, topped with a little Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar, has been my favorite under eye concealer combo for the last couple years, so I was pretty gutted when Une discontinued this product.  I had a brief happy dance moment when they re-released it (in the bigger stick I'd always longed for too!), quickly followed by more disappointment when I realized they didn't re-release this particular color.  I'm still on the hunt for a replacement, so if there are any great under eye concealers I need to try, please leave them in the comments!

Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
My old standby, favorite mascara.  I love pretty much everything about this, but especially that it doesn't irritate my eyes or smudge.  I've somehow accumulated a ton of new mascaras to try, but I've bought too many tubes of this to count and I'm sure I'll go back to it again.

Lily Lolo Vegan Black Mascara*   [Review]
And, my new favorite mascara.  This gives impressive volume - the best of any natural mascara I've used - and I love it about as much as the Zuzu Luxe.  My only slight complaint is that the tube got used up/dried out pretty quickly.  I'm strict about tossing mascaras after three months - four tops - and I rarely have a mascara actually dry out or feel empty in that time, but the Lily Lolo started feeling dry and became harder to work with right around the two month mark.  It was still usable for a few more weeks, but not nearly as awesome as when it was fresh.  I just received a replacement tube in the February Petit Vour box (full write up on that box coming very soon!) and I'm sure, despite its shorter lifespan, that I'll buy it again in the future as well.  

The black mascara is back in stock and I still have a Lily Lolo discount code, if you're wanting to try this or anything else from Lily Lolo - "naturallabeauty" will get you 20% off sitewide (US website only).  

Benecos Just Black Multi-Effect Mascara
I had the weirdest experience with this mascara.  Every time I wore it and went outside in the sun, I'd see black spots.  Finally I connected the spots to this mascara, but it was pretty disconcerting before I figured out what was causing them!  I really don't understand it either, as the mascara itself wasn't anything special.  It didn't make my lashes significantly longer, darker, or thicker than any other mascara, so I don't understand why the Benecos was so much in my line of vision.  I only ended up using this a handful of times, and I haven't touched it since the summer, but it's completely dried out now, so it's got to go!

Have you finished any products recently?  

Skincare: 6 (Lip Balms: 1)
Body/Hair: 2 
Makeup: 5
Skin/Body/Hair Samples: 2
Makeup Samples: 0

2015 Total
Skincare: 10 (Lip Balms: 3)
Body/Hair: 9
Makeup: 5
Skin/Body/HairSamples: 13
Makeup Samples: 2

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  1. So much that interests me here. I'll have to try Earthbody, La Mav, TANF, Honeybee Gardens, Zuzu Luxe, and Lily Lolo. I'd also love to know if you might have a few recommendations for me, lately my skin had been acneic and reactive.

    1. For reactive skin, I love a super gentle cleanser like Weleda's Soothing Almond one, but I don't deal with a lot of acne. These days I rely on a combination of Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel and tamanu and hazelnut oils when I do get breakouts. I hope that helps! :)

  2. You've definitely finished up quite a few products, despite thinking you haven't :P.Is the Young Living Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier available in Canada or do you order it online?

    1. It's all relative I guess! :) YL isn't in stores, just online direct from them

  3. I feel like the only person who didn't like Lily Lolo mascara! It flakes and smudges on me, and I feel like the product is a lil too wet - it always ends up clumping on my lashes... :/

    1. It flaked on me a tiny bit at the end of the day, but that's it. Funny how mascaras work so differently on everyone! Are you using a new tube? I liked it right from the get-go, but maybe it will work better for you after it's had a chance to dry out some?

  4. You used up waaaaay more than I did! I can't use multiple mascaras at the same time unless I open them at the same time because I would never remember when I opened them :) It'll be interesting to see how the all natural face argan oil compares to my josie maran one! here's a moisturizer I used to use with squalane in it - it's very thick and creamy and to me is a very cold winter moisturizer because it can look greasy, but I went through 4 jars of it at one point!http://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com/products/details/for-the-face/moisturizers/whipped-butters/whipped-squalane-face-eye-mousse

    1. I'm usually strict about using just one mascara at a time too, but occasionally I make exceptions! I haven't tried the ANF argan oil, but I definitely think there are good argan oils at more affordable price points than the Josie Maran, so I wouldn't rule it out :) I didn't mean to call out the ANF squalane - I've never used another one, so I can't compare - I'm betting it's just not the best oil for my skin. I've heard good things about Chagrin Valley - will definitely take a look at the moisturizer! 4 jars is saying a lot :)

  5. Love your empties :) After picking up the the Une one, I really liked the formula and coverage but didn't like the pencil form so I spent some time hollowing it out into a pot which works better for me. It seems like a lot of brands are discontinuing/reformulating products at the moment - lots of my make up bag seems to be changing! I've read a lot of good things about the squalane from TANF and Indie Lee but haven't given it a go yet myself. I'm wondering if perhaps it suits certain skin types better? xx

    1. Thanks Hephzibah! It's so frustrating when things you love are discontinued/reformulated, but I'm hoping to find something a little easier to get my hands on here this time - it's really only thanks to you that I was able to use the Une for as long as I did :)

      I think you're right about the squalane - I know a lot of people love both the ANF and Indie Lee ones, so I'm betting it just didn't agree with my skin. Good thing there's no shortage of other oils to choose from!

  6. Wow you've used up loads! I like the La Mav exfoliator too! Thats so strange about the squalane oil - I love Indie Lee's as it sinks in so quickly and keeps my skin moisturised all day :) xx

    1. See, that's more what I was expecting from the squalane oil. I just wish I knew if it was my skin not liking all squalane or just the one from the ANF!

  7. I love the idea that you round up the total for the year! I should do that too, I think it's a great booster!


    1. Thanks Stephanie! I'm having fun keeping track :)