Ecco Bella FlowerColor Face Powder, Cover Up & Bronzing Powder (+ a Giveaway!)

Ecco Bella has been around for over twenty years and has been an innovator for both the non-toxic and cruelty free beauty industries.  The company has a diverse product line, ecompassing skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, perfume, and even household products, but what has always stood out to me most is their selection of talc and silicone-free pressed powder offerings.  I've used several Ecco Bella products over the years, most notably the lipsticks (reviewed here) and blushes, so when I had the opportunity to pick a couple other products to review, I was eager to accept.  Keep reading for my thoughts on the FlowerColor Face Powder*, Cover Up*, and Bronzing Powder*.  And, make sure you read all the way to the end for a chance to win some Ecco Bella products for yourself!

FlowerColor Face Powder
I've used the FlowerColor Face Powder both as a finishing powder on top of cream and liquid products and on its own as a powder foundation and I really like it for both purposes.  The coverage is light but buildable, so depending on the brush you use and the number of layers you apply, it can go anywhere from a feather-light coverage, just to set other makeup, to a decent light to medium coverage that you can easily wear by itself.  It does a good job mattifying the skin and evening out skintone and minor discoloration, but it won't completely cover up things like dark circles or larger blemishes without the help of another product.  The powder has a matte finish, but it never looks dull or powdery on my skin.

I tested the two lightest powders, Fair and Pale, both of which lean pretty warm.  Fair, the lightest shade works on my light, middle-of-winter skin best.  Pale, the next shade up, is darker and seems a lot more yellow in tone.  With only four color choices and no shades for darker skintones, the shade range is limited, but if you have light to medium skin and are able to find a color match, I think this is a great product to pick up.  The powders come in sturdy, recyclable paper compacts with a good sized mirror and secured with an elastic.  As you can see, I received two slightly different versions, so I'm not sure which packaging is the most current. 

(L to R) Ecco Bella FlowerColor Face Powder in Fair, Pale
FlowerColor Cover Up
The Cover Up is marketed as an all-in-one concealer for dark circles, blemishes, and any other imperfections that might need covering.  It's a stick concealer that comes in a lipstick bullet and has identical packaging to Ecco Bella's lipsticks.  The formula is thick but creamy, so a little of the cover up, plus a light dusting of powder will keep blemishes concealed all day long.  The lipstick bullet makes targeted application super easy and the cover up doesn't slide around or move at all once set with a powder.  

Unfortunately, I don't find it works as well on dark circles.  Beige, the lightest shade, is very peachy, so it does color correct the darkness, but I find the consistency hard to work with.  The same thickness that I love for spot concealing is just too heavy for under the eyes and it doesn't melt or blend in effectively here, resulting in a slightly cakey look.  I did have some luck thinning the texture by mixing the cover up with both an eye cream and a lighter concealer, but on its own, it wouldn't be my first choice for concealing dark circles.

FlowerColor Bronzing Powder in Hibiscus
I'm no bronzer expert - in fact most days, I don't even use one - but I find Hibiscus leans far too orange to be used as a bronzer on skin as fair as mine.  However, I LOVE wearing it as a blush.  The color is a very peachy or even reddish bronze with a delicate sheen and used this way, it does a phenomenal job brightening up the entire face.  The powder is pigmented, but it also blends out easily, and I can't get over how pretty it is on the cheeks.  Packaging is the same as the Face Powders, and the Bronzing Powder even came embossed with Ecco Bella's initials, which is a cute touch.  It may not be my favorite bronzer shade, but I'm very happy to have it around as a blush.

(L to R) Ecco Bella Beige Cover Up, Fair Face Powder, Pale Face Powder, Hibiscus Bronzing Powder
The Bottom Line
Depending what you're looking for, I think all three of these are great products.  I've been using the Face Powder and Bronzer the most, but only because on an average day, I only really conceal dark circles and I didn't love the Cover Up for that purpose.  When I have had a blemish or breakout to cover, it's worked great, so if your main concern is blemishes and spot concealing, I think the Cover Up is a good choice as well.  Other than that, I'd love to see the Face Powder and Cover Up shade ranges expanded to encompass darker skin tones as well!  

Ecco Bella has also generously offered to give a Face Powder and Cover Up (in the winner's choice of colors) to one lucky reader!  The giveaway is limited to US and Canada, but I promise there will be more international ones in the future.

To enter, you need to subscribe to the Ecco Bella newsletter, like their Facebook page, and follow me on Bloglovin.  Make sure you tick each one off in the Rafflecopter widget below for your entries to count.  There will also be more options if you want to better your chances of winning!

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