June Makeup Basket / Current Rotation

It's been pretty hot and humid here lately, which has made it a bit more of a struggle to keep makeup looking fresh all day long.  In deference to the heat, I've scaled back what I've been wearing this last month or so, but I thought I'd share the main bits anyways.

This is my first Benecos product, but I'm confident it won't be my last.  I'd been wanting a dark blue eye liner when I came across this one on iherb, so naturally it ended up in my cart.  The color isn't perfect - it's more of a grey-blue than the rich navy I was looking for - but the actual formula of the pencil is lovely.  It's incredibly soft and creamy, so you hardly have to press at all to get fantastic color payoff, and surprisingly, considering how soft it is, it also sets and stays in place really well.  I'll definitely be ordering a couple more colors in the future.  

I got this as a freebie in the same iherb order as the eye liner and I'm surprised how much I like it.  I've become pretty loyal to a few particular lip balms lately, but this has become a new favorite.  It's organic, glides on nicely, and does a good job keeping my lips moisturized.  As of the time I'm posting this, you can still pick any Sierra Bees lip balm free with an iherb order.  If you miss the freebie, they're regularly only $1.95, so super reasonable even at full price!

I've been having issues with powder foundations disappearing off my face in the heat, so I've turned to The All Natural Face's Cream Foundation.  As far as coverage goes, the cream foundation gives a really flawless base and it's thankfully been lasting better than the powders too.  It also feels pretty light on your skin.  My full review is here.

Nicole from EcoChicBeautyDiva has raved about using Pure + Simple's Face Colours as blushes and I've wanted to try them for ages.  I finally decided on Taupe, a cool brown with some golden tones, since I'm still searching for that illusive, perfect contour color for my fair skin.  I'll do a full review with swatches soon.

These shadows are pretty much all that's been on my eyes this past month.  They're excellent quality and if you enjoy warmer-toned neutrals, goWarm is a lovely set.  At first glance, they're on the more expensive side, but if you break the cost down by number of shades, they don't actually cost any more than other natural pressed eye shadows.  You can see my full review for more information and swatches.

What have you been wearing this month?  Do you scale back/change your makeup routine in the warmer weather?  

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links to iherb.  Get $5/$10 off your first purchase with coupon code ITI429.


  1. This freebie balm is really good :) xx

    1. It is, isn't it? I was happily surprised :)

  2. Great product rotation. The Benecos lines are amazing! I have black and couldn't believe how pigmented and well it wore. P+S Taupe looks so nice too, it would make a fantastic brow powder. Can't wait to see your review on it.

    1. Thanks! I hadn't even thought of using Taupe for brows (can you tell I usually don't fill them in at all?), but you're right, it so would! I'll have to try it for that :)