Fall Empties

I'm back today with my fall empties.  I'm liking this new way of spacing these posts, since I really don't accumulate enough empties to do a post every month.  My last empties post was back in September and here's what I've finished up since:

Earth Mama Angel Baby Ginger Grapefruit Hand and Body Wash
I was pretty lukewarm on this in my initial review, but it grew on me.  The smell was still not a favourite, but I ended up liking the actual body wash formula.  I'd consider repurchasing it in another scent.

Young Living Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
Great lotion.  It smells pretty much like straight lavender oil, so if that's a scent you enjoy, you'll love it.  Thick and moisturizing, a little really does go a long way.  This bottle lasted me ages!  If you use too much, it can be a bit difficult to rub in.

Young Living Valor Bar Soap
Although technically a hand or body soap, this is what I use to wash my face every morning and night.  I was getting cystic acne breakouts a few years ago and this, along with a couple other products, helped clear up my face.  I already have a new one and will continue to repurchase it as needed. 

Bubble & Bee Organic Face Cream (sample)
This cream was a little too rich for my face and it didn't absorb as quickly as I would have liked, but I did find a couple alternate uses for it.  It's great as a cuticle cream and I also enjoyed using it on any extra dry areas, like my elbows or the bottoms of my feet.  And, if that wasn't enough, it makes a great lip moisturizer too! 

Cheeky Cosmetics Sugar 'n' Spice Lip Gloss (sample)
I got this as a free sample in one of my orders, although I do have a couple other colours of these glosses in full size too.  I really like them - they're moisturizing, fairly opaque, and the complete opposite of sticky.  Sugar 'n' Spice is a beautiful shimmery bronzey pink.  It's actually the exact kind of lip colour I usually avoid, both because of the browny/bronzey tones and the potential for frostiness, but somehow it works anyways.  I rediscovered the sample in November and wore it pretty much every day until it was used up.  I'm tempted to order the full size since I have nothing else like it in my collection, but I'm holding off for the time being.

Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
I've raved about this mascara so many times!  For more info, I'll just refer you to either my summer empties post or my initial review.

Silk Naturals Gleaming Vegan Kisser Slicker
It's no secret that I love Silk Naturals' lip products and I think the Vegan Kisser Slicker formula is my new favorite.  It's super hydrating, feels great on the lips, and has a yummy, genuine vanilla scent.  Gleaming is a sheer gold sparkle, without a lot of actual colour, so it looks fantastic layered on top of other lip colours.  That said, I used this up mainly wearing it at home, in place of a lip balm.   I'm definitely going to have to order some clear, untinted ones for that very purpose.

And that's that!  What have you used up over the past few months?  



  1. I have tried to use the Earth Mama Angel Baby body wash products several times, but I ended up not finishing them. I still love the company and buy other products from them, but I just cannot deal with their body washes' scents! I switched to Lafe's, which is very similar, very "pure" too, but does not smell as bad. xx

  2. Nice to hear it isn't just me who wasn't crazy about the scent! I stocked up on body washes over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so I'm set for a while, but I'll keep the Lafe's in mind! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. I just did an empties post as well! :)
    i've been curious about earth mama, what a cute name!

    love your blog, I follow you on bloglovin! :)

  4. Thanks for following! I love empties posts - will definitely check yours out! :)