Best of 2012: Lip Products

Eye shadow was definitely my first makeup love, but 2012 is really the year when I've gotten more into lip products.  My collection has really grown this year!  In honour of that, I've picked out my top 10 lip products.  Rather than sorting them further, I've just chosen the best of the best - lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks - and I'm including them here, all together in one post.

(L to R) LUVU Beauty Classic Red, LUVU Beauty Blush, Honeybee Gardens Karma, Honeybee Gardens Soft Kiss, Bare Minerals Bavarian Cream, Silk Naturals Figment, Vapour Organic Beauty Enigma, My Beauty Addiction Buff, My Beauty Addiction Party Girl, Revolution Organics Freedom, Cheeky Cosmetics Siren, Cheeky Cosmetics Pink Champagne, Shiro Cosmetics Binary Love, Shiro Cosmetics Longcat
LUVU Beauty Lip Liners 
I love supporting Canadian companies and LUVU Beauty is another great one.  In particular, I love their lip liners, which are both pigmented and long lasting.  Classic Red is, as the name suggests, a bright, classic, pinup red.  Blush is a natural rosey shade that works well under a variety of lip colours.  More swatches can be found here.

(L to R) LUVU Beauty Classic Red and Blush, Honeybee Gardens Karma and Soft Kiss
Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick
Honeybee Gardens has quickly become one of my favourite makeup brands.  They sell consistently great products at very affordable prices.  You can also find many of their products discounted on sites like iherb and Vitacost.  The lipsticks are creamy and available in a fantastic range of colours.  Karma is a wearable peachy nude and Soft Kiss is a beautiful baby pink.  I have more swatches of these lipsticks here and here.

Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lip Color
I haven't tried many products from Bare Minerals, but their lipsticks are definitely a hit!  Bavarian Cream is a fabulous pinky mauve that almost matches my natural lip colour.  It's the colour I grab when I want to look polished without putting a lot of emphasis on the lips.

Silk Naturals Vegan Kisser Slickers
If you've been reading for long, you already know how much I love Silk Naturals' different lip products.  The Vegan Kisser Slickers are my new favourites, since unlike the regular Kisser Slickers, they don't contain beeswax and they're that much softer and meltier on your lips as a result.  Unfortunately Figment is no longer available, but there are a bunch of other colours.  I even like using the clear one in place of lip balm!

Bare Minerals Bavarian Cream, Silk Naturals Figment, Vapour Organic Beauty Enigma, My Beauty Addiction Buff and Party Girl
Vapour Organic Beauty Elixir Lip Gloss
Even though Vapour Beauty is one of the better known healthy makeup brands, the elixir glosses are a pretty new discovery for me.  They're hydrating, super glossy, not at all sticky, and they smell delicious too!  Enigma is a gorgeous, slightly shimmery plum/mauve that makes a perfect everyday lip colour.  

My Beauty Addiction Pretty Lil' Puckers
My Beauty Addiction is a fantastic indie brand.  They have a big range of products, including these thick, creamy lip glosses.  Pigmentation varies: some colours are very pigmented, while others are more on the sheer side.  Party Girl is a bright pink and fairly opaque.  Buff is a sheer, shimmery nude.  More colour swatches can be found here.

Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss
Revolution Organics' glosses are a little pricier than some, but they're worth the splurge.  Freedom is described as a true strawberry red.  It leans slightly pink, which makes it easier to pull off, even if, like me, you find red lips a little intimidating.  I also have Innocent, which is a sheer baby pink.

(L to R) Revolution Organics Freedom, Cheeky Cosmetics Siren and Pink Champagne, Silk Naturals Binary Love and Longcat

Cheeky Cosmetics Organic Lip Gloss
Another Canadian pick!  These glosses are vegan and on the thinner side, but they still do a great job keeping your lips hydrated.  They also smell delightfully pepperminty.  Siren is a striking deep berry and Pink Champagne is a shimmery nude.

Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes 
Intertubes are Shiro's version of tinted lip balms.  From what I've seen, many of the coloured ones rival a lipstick in terms of pigmentation, but several of them do contain FD&C dyes, so bear that in mind.  The two I have are both dye free and give your lips a sheer wash of shimmer.  Binary Love is gold and Longcat is silvery/white.  I also have the plain, untinted version, which is a phenomenal lip balm.

Young Living Lip Balm 
For a basic, no frills lip balm, Young Living is still my top choice.  The lavender, in particular, is my favourite.  I wouldn't even venture to guess how how many tubes I've used up over the years!  It's incredibly moisturizing and it's also a great, relaxing scent to use right before bed.

Have you tried any of these?  What were your favourite lip products this year?



  1. What a collection, love it. I've just picked up a Honeybee Gardens lipstick but haven't worn it yet. I think it's in Valentine or Valentina. I've loved my Hurraw! and Antipodes lip balms, as well as my Tarte lip stain this year.

    Best wishes for 2013. Xo

  2. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too :) I really like Hurraw! too.