Yes to Carrots Color Balm Review + $10 off at Vitacost

 Yes to Carrots is one of the more naturally-inclined brand that's readily available at a lot of drugstores.  Across the line, their ingredients aren't perfect. Though generally good, a lot of their products do contain fragrance and/or one or two other debatable ingredients.  Still, I'd generally consider them a step up from most of the other brands on drugstore shelves.  And, before you write off the whole brand, they do have some products with completely fine ingredients, like the color balms.

These are a fairly new release and have quickly become some of my most worn lip products.  I got Rosy Bloom, the pink one, in a gift exchange a couple months ago, and I bought the other two, Soft Plum and Peachy Keen, shortly after.  Since then, one of these has been on my lips almost every day.  The colours are pretty sheer, but are definitely still noticeable.  They're super pretty, plus they're moisturizing and low maintenance.  In terms of colours, all three are matte, without any noticeable shimmer or glitter.  Rosy Bloom is the most subtle, imparting only a slight rosy tint - a good 'my lips but better' shade.  Soft Plum is more noticeable, but still a subtle plum color, and Peachy Keen is a sheer orange.  The colours last really well for lip balms, and at the same time, they also keep my lips feeling soft and hydrated.

(L to R) Rosy Bloom, Soft Plum, Peachy Keen

The Bottom Line
These have quickly become some of my favorite lip product for work days.  Because of how sheer they are, all three are very wearable and I love that I don't have to worry about them smearing or ending up looking like a hot mess a few hours in.  They're also reasonably priced at around $6, depending on where you purchase them.  I'd love if Yes to Carrots was to expand the line to include a few more colours - I'd be all over a brighter, bubblegum pink and a nude!   These are the first product I've tried from Yes to Carrots, but I'm definitely curious enough that I'll be giving their other products a second glance now.  Their lip glosses look especially promising!

What do you think of the Yes to Carrots line?  Have you tried any of their products?

ETA: I've heard that some people have had a hard time finding ingredients on the Yes to Carrots site, so I wanted to include the link to their ingredients page.  Full ingredients for all their products can be found here.

$10 off at Vitacost
I bought Peachy Keen and Soft Plum from Vitacost, which is another great website I've recently discovered for buying natural products.  They sell all sorts of things - food, bath and body products, makeup, household supplies, and baby products.  And, they've recently launched a new referral program.  All you have to do is sign up at this link and they'll email you a coupon for $10.  The best part?  There's no minimum purchase, so spend $10 or less and you'll only pay shipping.  With the coupon, I paid only $2 + shipping for the two color balms I purchased.  In the interest of full disclosure, if you place an order after signing up here, I'll also receive $10 to spend, and you'll get your own referral code to give out too.


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