Earth Mama, Angel Baby Ginger-Grapefruit Happy Mama Body Wash

I'm still loving my Bubble and Bee shower gel, but when I was placing an order with iHerb recently, I decided to try out Earth Mama Angel Baby's body wash too.  Earth Mama, Angel Baby is, as the name suggests, a line mainly for babies, mothers, and mamas-to-be, but a body wash is a body wash, so even though I'm not the target demographic, I went ahead and tested it out.

The body wash comes in a foamer bottle, which eliminates any potential issues with getting the soap to lather up.  The bottle is pretty small, at only 5.3 ounces, but it does contain more than 300 pumps, according to the label.  That sounds like a lot, but I find I have to use 8-12 pumps to wash my 5'2 self, so I'm not expecting the bottle to last all that long.  On the plus side, it's affordable, retailing for $10.99 (or $8.79 on iHerb.)

Earth Mama, Angel Baby uses only organic essential oils to fragrance their products, which is awesome, but I'm a little mixed on the scent of this particular product.  I usually love both citrus and spicy scents, but I'm just not crazy about this one.  It doesn't have the freshness or zest I'd expect in a grapefruit scent and the ginger seems to just muddy it up even further.  Not terrible by any means, but not a stand out smell for me either.

The Bottom Line
Ingredients-wise, this body wash gets an A+.  And, while there's nothing specifically wrong with it, it's just not a product I'm in love with.  I've never used a foaming body wash before, but I've come to realize I prefer a more standard shower gel that can be lathered up on a loofah.  That, in combination with the scent, which I was only so-so, means that while this is definitely a product I'll use up, it isn't one I'll be rushing to repurchase.

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  1. Nice ! I heard a lot about this brand but never tried it yet.
    Have a great day.