Silk Naturals Kissable Cream Lip Gloss Review

As part of their Spring collection, Silk Naturals recently released a new lip gloss formula: Kissable Creams.    As I've mentioned numerous times before, I'm a big fan of Silk Naturals' lip products, so when I heard about these new glosses, I quickly ordered two to try.  

Like most of Silk Naturals' lip products, the Kissable Creams are packaged in black slimline lip balm tubes.  What's different about these is that they contain cocoa butter, which isn't in any of their other formulations, and as a result, they smell deliciously chocolatey.  They're also very creamy and feel like they melt onto your lips as you apply them.  I don't find them to be extremely long wearing, probably because of how creamy they are, but they feel fantastic and are quite moisturizing.  I think they're the most hydrating of all the Silk Naturals lip gloss formulas I've tried (which is most of them!)

Of the eight colours released, I opted for Twirl and Swing, and I couldn't be happier with either choice.  Twirl is a beautiful light peach coral shade with a cream finish.  It somehow managed to look slightly metallic in my lip swatch, but it isn't at all.  It also doesn't have any noticeable shimmer or glitter.  I've been hunting for a peach colour like this for some time now, so I'm extra glad I picked this one!  It also works as a more subtle version of the bright oranges and corals that are so on trend right now.



Swing is a mauve or plummy pink.  It has some visible shimmer, but it isn't frosty or over the top.  This is actually pretty close to my natural lip colour, aside from the sparkles, so on me, it's a very natural looking gloss.

(Top to Bottom) Twirl, Swing

The Bottom Line
The Kissable Creams might just end up being my new favorite glosses from Silk Naturals.  Both colours I tested are gorgeous and I'm not sure if it's the cocoa butter smell or the way they melt into your lips, but something about them seems extra rich and luxurious.  They're also vegan, and at $4.99 each, super affordable too.  I hope this is a formula that we'll be seeing more of in the future!



  1. Awesome review! I'll have to try these out.

  2. Great review - I'm totally sold on Swing - but they don't seem to have them on the site anymore :( x

    1. Now that you mention it, I remember hearing that they'd discontinued the Kissable Creams a few months back. I hate when companies do that!