Review: Bubble & Bee Squeezed Lime Organic Shower Gel

In my mind, shower gels can be split into two categories: those made up of surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate and decyl glucoside, and those made of saponified oils.  While there are better and worse surfactants out there, my preference is still to use the second type, made with a base of saponified oils.  Without spending a lot of time going into the science, these types just seem like a healthier, more natural option to me.  

Recently, when I started to get a slight rash after showering, which I eventually traced back to the shower gel I was using, I figured it was time to try something new.  I decided on Bubble & Bee's Squeezed Lime Organic Shower Gel.  I've heard lots of positive things about Bubble and Bee over the last couple years and have been following them on facebook for quite some time.  Stephanie, Bubble & Bee's founder, also writes the Chemical of the Day blog, which is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn more about what's lurking in your products.

Back to the shower gel!  The first thing I noticed was the smell.  It smells tart, slightly sweet, and pretty much exactly like cutting into a fresh lime.  This is a gentle, castille soap, much like the renowned Dr. Bronner's, but unlike Dr. Bronner's, Bubble & Bee's shower gel is concentrated and contains no water.  As a result, it's thicker than Dr. Bronner's, and a little goes a longer way.  Used straight on my hands, I didn't get a lot of lather, but on a shower pouf, it lathers nicely.  Bubble & Bee also recommends diluting it in a foamer bottle, which would stretch it even further, but I've yet to try it this way.  It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, and the delicious smell lingers on the skin for a couple hours too.  

All in all, this is definitely a product (and a company) I'd recommend.  The shower gel retails for $11.99 (8 oz.)/$21.99 (16 oz.)   It works well, smells divine, and is made by people who really seem to know what they're doing.  Bubble and Bee products are also USDA certified organic.

If you order right away, Bubble & Bee is having a sale!  Now through Monday, save 20% off body butters, salt scrubs, and lip balm sampler packs, and 15% off shower gels.


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  1. Ooh, I've been craving citrus scents lately! This sounds right up my alley. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!