Lucy Minerals Lucy Light Finishing Powder Review

When I reviewed Lucy Minerals foundation a few months ago, I mentioned that I was getting a bit of shine peeking through around the seven or eight hour mark.  Since then, I've been testing out a few different finishing powders in the hopes of extending this wear time.  I'm happy to report that I've found one that works quite well for this.

Lucy Light Finishing Powder is Lucy Mineral's basic finishing powder, with no additives.  Similar to the foundation, their regular finishing powder contains antioxidants.  They also offer two oil control varieties.  That isn't to say there's anything wrong with the antioxidant varieties, but since I'd opted for the simplest foundation, sans antioxidants, for my sometimes sensitive skin, it made sense to do the same with the finishing powder.

The finishing powder is light beige in colour, but when applied, it goes on transparent.  I use a large fluffy brush and dust it lightly all over my face, after I apply my foundation.  Then, I go back and apply a second layer to the areas that tend to get oily - namely my nose and the center of my forehead.  With the finishing powder, I'm able to go 12-14 hours without needing to blot or retouch anything.  We'll see how it holds up in the hot summer months, but so far, I'm very impressed with this product.  

In addition to oil control, it also gives a slight, almost airbrushed finish to the skin.  I have two tiny lines on my forehead, which are mostly covered by the foundation, but with this on top, they are nearly invisible.  It also works well to tone down blush, should you ever accidentally be too heavy handed. 

Good sized samples of both the foundation and finishing powder are available for $2 each.  My foundation sample lasted about a month and a half, and my finishing powder sample is still more than half full after 2 months of nearly daily wear.  I'll definitely be ordering the full size when it does run out!



  1. $2 for a sample that lasts over two months? I'd be crazy not to order some of this stuff! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I know...considering how big their samples are, it's definitely a great price! :)