My Beauty Addiction Pressed Eye Shadow Review

If you use more natural makeup, then you probably already know how rare it is to find pressed eye shadows without ingredients like talc and silicones.  When you do find them, it's usually only from higher end brands, and as a result, the price point can get fairly high.  If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you also probably already know that I'm not someone who is usually willing to spend $15-30 for a single eye shadow.  This is where My Beauty Addiction comes in. 

My Beauty Addiction has an extensive line of makeup, skincare, and bath and body products, but what really caught my eye was their pressed eye shadows.  They are available in the same shades as their loose shadows, excluding their line of matte colours, and are pressed to order using only fractionated coconut oil.  I've considered pressing my own shadows in the past and done some research on what doing so would entail, so it's really interesting to me that My Beauty Addiction is able to press shadows with only this one ingredient.

The shadows are packaged in individual swing arm compacts.  Initially I was concerned that they would pop open, but they snap closed tightly and I haven't had any problems.  They're labelled with the company name on the top and colour name and ingredients on the bottom.  The compacts can also be clipped together in a stack.  They sell for $7 each, or $20 for 4.

Presumably from the oil, these are very creamy shadows.  In the compacts, the shadows are fairly soft and do kick up a bit of dust as you use them.  My Beauty Addiction recommends using foam tip applicators, but I had no problems using my regular brushes - the shadows are pigmented and apply smoothly.  In terms of colours, although the pressed shadows are available in the same range of colours as their loose shadows, My Beauty Addiction states that the texture can change from the pressing process.  They say that these are not glittery or sparkly, but rather more of a velvety/satiny or metallic texture, which I found to be true of the four colours I purchased.  Swiss chocolate does have a bit of shimmer though.  Also, it's worth mentioning that one of the four shadows I ordered did arrive broken (I blame the post office, since these were very well wrapped), but Sherrie, the owner, was kind enough to send a replacement. 

(L to R) Swiss Chocolate, Nougat, Snowflake, Peach Frost

The only place these fell a little bit short was wear time, since for me, they don't last as long as most loose mineral shadows.  I start getting creasing after 5 or 6 hours and it becomes fairly obvious after 8 or 9.  For comparison, with Detrivore Cosmetics' primer and loose shadows, I usually wear my makeup for a good 12 hours and only have minimal creasing when I take it off.   My guess is this is due to the oil content, which isn't there in a loose shadow. 

The Bottom Line
If you're someone looking for the convenience of a pressed eye shadow without the high price point a lot of natural brands carry, I'd highly recommend My Beauty Addiction's pressed shadows.  There is a huge range of colours (125+) and the four I chose are all beautiful.  If you're someone who doesn't have problems with eye makeup creasing or someone who wears their makeup for less time, you probably won't have any problems with these.  For me, I tend to avoid these on work days when my makeup will be on for longer, but I've been using them for night looks, which don't need to last as long, and they've been working fantastically.  They'd also be great for travel, where loose shadows can be a hassle.

My experience as a customer was really positive and I'm definitely interested in trying more products from My Beauty Addiction.  I'd also recommend checking out their facebook page before you order, since they regularly post sales.  In fact, if you order today, you can get free US shipping in their etsy store with the code 'SHIPFREE.'  International customers will receive discounted shipping with the same code.



  1. Great review, I like finding indie companies that offer pressed eyeshadows as well as loose.

  2. What an awesome discovery!! I have found so few pressed eyeshadows that meet my standards for ingredients, but only coconut oil as a binder? Sounds awesome!

  3. I was really happy to find these :) Pressed eye shadows are definitely one of the hardest things to find when you're watching ingredients!

  4. Wow..what a nice findings.I'll deffy check out for their collection!Have you ever tried the all natural face?it's awesome too:)

    1. Nope, I haven't tried anything from the All Natural Face. What do you like from them?

    2. Their concealer,foundation,argan oil,squalane,that's what I've tried.I have bought their eyeshadows,eyeshadow primer,but haven't tried it.What I bought were blue ones in smallest jar size.I rarely wear blue,not wearable daily but I like the colors.Ah,you should try them Caitie.Worth to try;)..

    3. Cool :) I'll have to check them out!