Review: Detrivore Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer

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As I mentioned when I posted my Detrivore eye shadow swatches, I wanted to give the primer a good try before I reviewed it.  I've been using it for about a month now and I'm so impressed!  Pretty much ever since I started using loose eye shadows I've known that a primer would be a good idea to help with adhesion, but as I'm sure a some of you have also found, finding a natural/non-toxic primer that actually works is a huge challenge.  A lot of natural primers are made mostly out of oils and waxes and end up seeming a lot like lip balm.  These kinds might work okay if you have dry eyelids, but for those of us with oilier eyelids, they just speed up the creasing process.

Detrivore's primer contains oils and waxes, but also has ingredients like titanium dioxide, mica, and glycerine, and the end result far out-performs your 'lip balm' style primers.  (Full ingredients are on Detrivore's website.) It's pretty firm, so I've found it applies best with my finger, which warms up the product just enough so that it applies smoothly onto my lids.  I usually apply it to both lids at once and then wait another 30 seconds to a minute before applying eye shadow to the first eye.  Without the wait I find that my eye shadow ends up applying a bit patchy and uneven, but with the wait, it acts as a perfect sticky base for eye shadow to cling to.  It also helps eye shadows to last longer and makes colors more vivid - some appear almost foiled.  It's a yellowish color in the pot, but since you only need a little, it's clear when applied and should work on all skin tones. 

Cost-wise, Detrivore's primer is great as well.  For only $6, you get a 5-gram jar filled all the way to the top.  It might look small, but I've been using mine about 4 times a week for over a month now and I've only just made a slight dip in it.  It will definitely last a while.

I also wanted to post some pictures of the primer in action (below the cut).  I've used 5 eye shadows and one pure glitter, all from different companies, so you can see it doesn't just work with Detrivore's own eye shadows.  The top row is over Detrivore's primer and the bottom is on bare skin.   

Bottom Line
I'm very impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural or inexpensive eye shadow primer.  I think there's a slight learning curve to figure out the best amount of primer to use and best way to apply it, but considering how well it's been working for me and how inexpensive it is, I would definitely recommend taking the time to give it a try.



  1. I want to try this primer and learn more about this company, but their site is down for a while!

  2. Yeah, I just noticed that the other day. If you're still looking for a primer when they reopen, it's definitely worth checking out!

  3. I bought this primer by your reccomendation at Health Beauty Social, but I'm struggling with it. My lid is oily and I already tried to apply in different ways. I pass a little of the cream on the lid, wait to dry for a minute and then I apply the eyeshadow, but after 1 hour, everything is creased and messed up. Do you have any tip?

  4. Sorry it hasn't been working for you! My best tip is just to apply a really small amount. If I apply more, it will crease on me too, but with just the tiniest amount and giving it a minute to dry before the shadow, it works really well for me. Sometimes I'll go over my lids with a mineral foundation too, before the primer. Hope that helps!