Review: Silk Naturals Lip Products

Silk Naturals makes several different lines of lip products, including lip balms, lip stains, lipsticks, liquid lip glosses, plumping lip glosses, and lip gloss sticks.  Most of these give sheerer color that's great for a subtle lip look, but if you're looking for more dramatic colour payoff, the Vegan Lipsticks do deliver.  Silk Naturals lip products also contain more than 80% organic ingredients, depending on which formula you choose.  Ingredients are listed individually for each colour, as well as a color description and information about opacity, finish, shimmer, whether it's vegan or not, gluten content, and whether or not it contains any  dyes.  I personally avoid FD&C colours, which does narrow the colour selection a bit, but there are still plenty of colours that are dye free if that's what you're looking for, and all colours are clearly labelled accordingly.  On the Silk Naturals website, you can also filter out any colours that contain dyes, for easier browsing.  

Scent-wise, all the ones I've tried smell faintly like vanilla and are slightly sweet to the taste, but nothing overpowering.  All Silk Naturals lippies are priced at less than $6 and they have several different formulas and tons of colours to choose between in each, so there really should be something for everyone.  Another cool thing about Silk Naturals is that they offer clones of eye and lip colours made by mainstream brands like MAC and Bobbie Brown.  Most colours also have swatches so you can get a good idea of the colour before ordering.  They also have a 30 day return policy, in case you don't end up liking a colour.

(L to R) Heirloom, Hibiscus, and Wistaria Butter Creams, Very Berry Kisser Slicker, Fashionista Lipstick

Kisser Slicker Lip Gloss Sticks ($4.50)
I think these are the first lip glosses Silk Naturals came out with.  They come in slimline lip balm tubes (the same kind as Burts Bees lip shimmers) and are very moisturizing.  I've only tried one of these, in Very Berry, but I would consider it more of a shiny tinted lip balm than a gloss.  I like it a lot on its own for sheer colour, but it isn't the kind of gloss I'd wear over top of a lip stick for added shine.  The original formula contains beeswax, but they also make Vegan Kisser Slickers, which do not.

Butter Cream Lip Glazes ($4.75)
These also come in slimline lip balm tubes, and again, I'd consider them to be more of a tinted lip balm than anything else.  Compared to the Kisser Slickers, they're a bit thicker and creamier feeling, but slightly less moisturizing.  The ones I have also give a bit more colour.  I especially love Wistaria, which is a perfect cool toned lavender with pink undertones.

Liquid Lip Glosses ($4.75)
These are fabulous non-sticky lip glosses.  They come in small lip gloss tubes with doe foot applicators.   They aren't the absolute shiniest lip glosses ever, but they do give a nice glossy look.  Shrieking Violet has become one of my favourites - it's a dramatic looking fuchsia in the tube, but it's sheer enough on the lips for every day-type wear. 

Vegan Lipsticks ($5.75)
These are also packaged in slimline lip balm tubes, but they're definitely lip sticks.  They give full color like lip stick, but are still incredibly moisturizing.  I only have one in Fashionista, which is Silk Natural's clone of MAC's Cosmo.  I don't have the MAC one to compare, but it is a pretty nude/plummy-pink colour.

(top to bottom, left to right) Heirloom, Hibiscus, and Wistaria Butter Creams, Very Berry Kisser Slicker, Fashionista Lipstick, Shrieking Violet and St. Tropez Liquid Lip Glosses

Bottom Line
Silk Naturals is a great company that sells high quality lip products at very reasonable prices.  I've liked all four formulas I've tried and I'd recommend any of them.  The one thing I'd again stress is reading the ingredients for individual colours if you're avoiding dyes or other ingredients, since they do vary by colour.  Since they're always readily listed, so this isn't a big deal, just something to keep in mind.  In every other way, ordering from Silk Naturals is a breeze.  Their website is easy to navigate and they have great customer service, should you have any questions.  They ship quickly too, which means you'll have your goodies in your hands that much sooner :)



  1. loving fashionista! looks like a color that i'd rock for sure


  2. Oh,they're soo pretty!! I want to try silk minerals too,after finishing all natural lipstick products that I have.You know,they don't last long unlike those in petrochemical ones.

    I avoid carmine,then fd & c..Not pretty much products available outthere without those 2,right?..;)

  3. Yup, and the color range tends to be pretty limited without carmine or fd&c colors. Silk Naturals does have some without either though - you should check them out! They list ingredients for every colour too, which is great :)