Worth the Splurge: DUŠA & KAMEN Rose Quartz Skincare

I’ve been trialing DUŠA & KAMEN, a new German luxury natural and cruelty-free skincare line, for the past several months, and I’m excited to share my thoughts today on the products and the brand as a whole.  Hana, the company’s founder, is a trained beautician and physiotherapist who first formulated skincare products to solve her own skin problems, then later decided to sell them.  What followed was two years of further product development and dozens of test formulas before DUŠA & KAMEN was born in June of 2020.

The company’s inaugural launch, the Rose Quartz line, features wonderful raw and natural ingredients, and, per the name, there are real rose quartz stones found in every bottle.  The line is specifically targeted towards acne-prone skin, but after using the products for the last few months, I think they have a lot more versatility than that description implies, and could in fact suit a variety of different skin types. 

Keep reading for my detailed take on each product in the line, plus head over to my Instagram page for a chance to win two of the products for yourself!

Rose Quartz Face Cleanser (€39 for 150ml)

I usually have three or four cleansers in rotation at any given time, so when I tell you that I didn't touch another cleanser for at least the first three weeks after opening this, that's a really big deal for me!  The Face Cleanser is a lightweight and gentle aerated foam that cleanses the skin thoroughly without any drying or stripping.  The foam is pretty substantial and, unlike a few similar style cleansers that I've used before, it retains that plushness and doesn't melt away or disintegrate as you use it.  I love that, since it really gives you ample time to massage the product over damp skin.  (Get a close-up look at the texture in this Instagram reel from a few weeks ago.)   

I was dealing with some breakouts and overall dullness when this product came into my life in December, and it whipped my skin back into shape within the first three or four days, and everything just kept looking better from there.  The cleanser smells fresh and a little herbal courtesy of an essential oil blend that includes camphor, cajeput, and geranium, and it's just a fantastic product all around.  If I had to pick, I think this would be my very favourite from the line.

Rose quartz in every bottle!

Rose Quartz Face Toner (€49 for 100ml)
The Face Toner is a gentle clarifying formula that features 5% niacinamide in a base of green tea water, glycerin, and two types of lotus flower extract.  Niacinamide is a phenomenal ingredient for refining pores and balancing oil production in acne-prone skin, and it’s also excellent for calming redness and inflammation, and stimulating collagen production, and the green tea and lotus flower further enhance these benefits.  The toner is lightweight and watery in consistency, and it makes a wonderful hydrating layer underneath more moisturizing products.  It’s also good for adding extra slip to the skin before going in with a face oil.  It smells light and refreshing, mainly like green tea, and I like the pump bottle packaging that dispenses easily into hands and lets me pat the product into the skin without needing to use cotton pads. 

Rose Quartz Face Oil (€69.00 for 30ml)

The Face Oil is beautiful, both in formula and presentation, but unfortunately there’s something in the scent that has started to bother my nose.  It’s made with natural fragrance and does smell lovely -- a sweet rose that’s neither cloying or granny-like (even to a generally non-rose loving person like me!) -- so it doesn’t bother me on that level, but it’s started to make me sneeze and feel stuffy/congested when I use it on my face recently, so I’ve had to delegate it to neck/chest/body use only.  I think this is a me issue, not a flaw in the product itself, and I’m so disappointed too, as when I have used the oil on my face, it had a lovely velvety finish that left my skin plump and glowy, and wore beautifully under makeup too.  The ingredients are also great --  a blend of beautiful cold-pressed and organic oils that includes black currant, argan, evening primrose, and jojoba.  

The Bottom Line

These aren’t inexpensive products, but luxury skincare often sells an experience, and I think that’s something that DUŠA & KAMEN really delivers on.  The products are intelligently formulated, elegantly packaged, and beautiful to use.  They work well in combination with each other and individually too.  The Face Oil didn’t end up working out for me in the long run, but I did enjoy it when I used it, and the Face Cleanser and Toner are both products that I’m very happy to have in my everyday skincare lineup.  The entire set is available in a discounted bundle for €129.00, and it also comes with a 40-day money-back happiness guarantee, which I think is pretty great!

Due to a shipping mishap (thanks DHL!), I ended up with doubles of DUŠA & KAMEN's Face Cleanser and Face Oil that I'm giving away on Instagram this week.  Make sure you head over there to enter!

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