Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques 2021 Holiday Advent Box (+ Instagram Giveaway!)

"Long time, no blog" seems like a major oversimplification of these many months of silence here on the website.  Like for many of us, the last 18 months have been a lot, and I also started a new job back in March, so, all-told, maintaining the blog has just not panned out this year like I had hoped.  

I've still been around periodically on Instagram, so I haven't completely disappeared.  And in other exciting news, I was asked to team up with Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques on their 2021 Holiday Advent Box ($65 USD for $138 of goodies, 10% off with code <naturallabeauty>), which has had me working behind the scenes on creating a collaboration product for this year's release.  You may recall my love for last year's box, and I have to say, this year's is EVEN BETTER!  I'm beyond excited to finally share it with you all.

Keep reading for a full reveal of the 2021 Advent Box contents, then head over to Instagram and enter to win a box for yourself!

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With recent events in mind, the 2021 box was designed around the theme of Together Again for the Holidays, and the company teamed up with six influencers to create new twists on our favourite Lauren Brooke products. 

Day 1 features my collab product, the Candy Cane Crush Lip Moisturizer.  Lauren Brooke's lip products are across the board phenomenal, and the Lip Moisturizer saved my winter-weary chapped lips last year when nothing else was doing the trick.  Its predominantly organic ingredients feature beeswax, vitamin E, and shea butter, plus jojoba, pomegranate, coconut, and castor oils, and it's truly magic for dry lips.  Candy Cane Crush is a fun and delicious limited edition version that perfectly encompasses one of my favourite scent combos.  Sweet vanilla and mint create a perfect holiday candy cane aroma that I can't get enough of!

Alongside my product, the box contains a great mix of other limited edition holiday products and some of Lauren Brooke's best-loved staple items -- 8 full size products and 4 travel sizes in total.  

So, what's in the box?

Day 1: Candy Cane Crush Lip Balm
It's pretty obvious how I feel about this one!  I love that we opted to house the balm in a plastic-free tin, and the product itself is pretty stellar, if I do say so myself -- super moisturizing, and yummy too! 

Day 2: Brilliant Copper Pressed Eyeshadow (collab with Karalynne of @just.ingredients)
Such a pretty shade!  Metallic neutrals get me every time, and this one knocks it out of the park.

Day 3: Flourish Lash Serum 
A new product to me this year, I'm very intrigued by the serum's ingredients, which include lycopene, amino acids, and probiotics.  I can't wait to give this a try!

Day 4: Embrace Perfume
You all know I'm not a big perfume user personally, but I love that this is 100% essential oil-based.  I think the vanilla-sandalwood scent will be a hit for a lot of people.

Day 5: Soiree Lip Glaze
(collab with Lindsay of @thelindsayreport)
The Lip Glazes are ultra-pigmented and nourishing glosses, and this limited edition raspberry colour is just stunning.  (I had a hard time capturing the colour accurately -- it has more pink in it than it appears in my swatch photo.)

Day 6: Solstice Crème Highlight (collab with Melissa of @healwithmelissa)
I've never used the Crème Highlights before, though I've been asking myself why that is ever since this beauty arrived at my door.  Solstice is a pearl shade that adds gorgeous luminosity without any obvious sparkle or glitter, and the crème formula just melts into the skin.

Day 7: Express Tinted Brow Wax
This duo includes two shades of tinted brow wax to define, tame and shape your brows.  The tints are pretty sheer, so I think this combo of shades would suit just about anyone.

Day 8: Holly Berry Colour Stick
The Colour Sticks are a creamy 3-in-1 product that can be used for cheeks, eyes, and lips, though I've mainly used them as cream blushes in the past.  Holly Berry, a limited edition shade, is a beautiful red that may look intimidating at first, but sheers out to the prettiest winter flush on the cheeks.

Top to Bottom: Brilliant Copper Pressed Eyeshadow, Serephina Crème Eyeshadow, Solstice Crème Highlight, Soiree Lip Glaze, Holly Berry Colour Stick, Scarlett Lip Glaze

Day 9: Serephina Crème Eyeshadow (collab with Regina of @consciousbeautybyregina)
I adore the Lauren Brooke Crème Eyeshadows, both on their own and as bases for powder shadows, and I always keep at least one in my makeup stash at all times.  Serephina is the prettiest rose gold -- I'm excited to wear this!

Day 10: Scarlett Lip Glaze (collab with Jenny of @simplytrulyjenny)
Another Lip Glaze shade, this time a deeper red that's very holiday apropos.  I also love the adorable mini tube here -- it will fit even the smallest purse or pocket.

Day 11: Skin Therapie Moisturizer
An intense, balmy moisturizer that's incredible for healing dry patches or soothing irritated skin.  I especially love using it on my cuticles.

Day 12: Eye Firming Crème
I think of this as more of an eye balm than a crème, but it's a lovely product either way!  Loaded with rich moisturizers and soothing botanicals, it always leaves my eye area looking healthy and plump, and the stick format makes application a breeze.  Don't be fooled by the small size either -- a little goes a long way, so even this mini will last you quite some time.
What a box!  I'm so grateful to partner with Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and such a great group of women on this.  Working with the Lauren Brooke team has been nothing short of amazing, and I really think the company's passion and positivity comes through in the box itself too!  

The 2021 Advent Box is available now on the Lauren Brooke website.  Shipping is free within the US, and my affiliate code, <naturallabeauty> will save you an extra 10% off your purchase too.

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