iHerb Haul #2: Makeup, Skincare, Hair + Body

As many of you know, iHerb is one of my favorite places to shop online.  Whether it's brands and products we don't have easy access to in Canada, or things we do have that I can get much better prices on, I typically find myself placing an order every month or so.  The customer service is great and you can even shop in Canadian dollars now! 

I like to keep orders small to minimize the risk of being hit with tax or brokerage fees at the door, so this is technically a combination of my last two orders.  That means some things I've had for a couple weeks and others just for a couple days.    

Here's a look at what I bought:

Kiss My Face Antioxidant Toner
I've never seen anyone talk about this toner, but since I've heard plenty of good things about the cleanser and mask in Kiss My Face's Potent & Pure range, I decided to chance it.  I haven't used the toner yet, but the ingredients, which include aloe, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and a good number of botanicals and plant extracts are promising.  I will say, first impressions-wise, I'm not crazy about how it smells.  Something about the scent reminds me a lot of hairspray.

Pacifica Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Fringe
I needed a new brown eyeliner and since I love my Pacifica black and nude ones so much, this was the obvious choice.  The Pacifica liners are great because they're creamy enough to glide on easily, but not so creamy that they smear or move around on the eye throughout the day.  I haven't tried this particular color yet, but I'm pretty confident it'll be as great as the rest!

Mineral Fusion Sheer Moisture Lip Tint in Glow
The Sheer Moisture Lip Tints are basically tinted lip balms in a chubby stick form.  They smell slightly of vanilla and mint, feel great on the lips, and give a lovely wash of color.  Glow is the bright pink in the line, but because of how sheer it is, it gives just the slightest pop of pink in a very natural way.  I've only had it a few days, but I already bought a second color when I spotted the tints in person yesterday!

Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz
Nothing new here, this is a frequent repurchase for me.  The Spiral Spritz offers a midway between a serum and a gel and is a great light hold hair product.

Boiron Unscented Arnicare Gel
I added this to my cart on a whim when I spotted a mini 0.5 ounce size in the trial section for $0.25 right before checking out.  The ingredients aren't perfect, but there's nothing super problematic and it never hurts to have Arnica gel on hand.  Some of the different sizes of this product list dimethicone in the ingredients, but both the sample I received and the large size I've linked above look to be free of silicones.  

Crazy Rumors Lip Balms in Lemonade, Raspberry Sherbet + Ginger Ale
I don't have any problem getting through lip balms, so I decided to stock up on some new flavors of one of my favorites.  I've only cracked open the Lemonade one so far, and I'm surprised by just how much I dislike it!  Citrus scents are generally a safe bet, but this one just smells super gross to me.  I've had a few Crazy Rumors flavors that I haven't loved in the past, but this is definitely my least favorite to date.  I'm actually leaning towards just tossing it outright, as I doubt I will even use it smelling the way it does.  The Crazy Rumors formula is fantastic, but the flavors can be very hit or miss.

Andalou Naturals Age Defying Thinning Hair Treatment
I always find myself shedding more hair in the fall than any other time, so I picked this up to try and circumvent that this year.  The Hair Treatment has an aloe vera base infused with fruit and argan stem cells, a vitamin B complex, and an assortment of herbs and essential oils and is supposed to nourish hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, and strengthen hair.  All the research I've seen points to plant stem cells being a marketing ploy with little actual effect, but the rest of the ingredients look good, so I'm equal parts curious and hopeful to see how the product does as a whole.    

Goddess Garden Everyday Natural Sunscreen SPF 30
I don't wear SPF on my face everyday and I only use body sunscreen very occasionally, when I know I'm going to be outside for a prolonged period, which has left me with more than one full sized tube of sunscreen expiring on my shelf over the years.  Goddess Garden is a new brand for me, but I love the smaller 1-ounce size for those of us who are a little less diligent about wearing SPF on a regular basis.  It would also be great for travel.

Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Base in Ivory (N1)
After working through the ridiculous number of mineral foundation samples I had hanging around (it literally took months!), this is what I ended up buying for now.  What I like about Everyday Mineral's Semi-Matte Base is just how natural it looks on the skin.  It's not outright glowy, but it looks skin-like and not overly flat or matte.  Coverage is about a medium and decently buildable, and Ivory (1N) is a good light neutral shade that matches me pretty well.  

Blûm Naturals Dry & Sensitive Skin Daily Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes
Wipes aren't an everyday product for me, but I like to carry one or two in my purse for those "just in case" situations, which is where these individually wrapped ones come in handy.  I haven't tried this particular variety before, but the Blûm wipes are all pretty comparable, so I'm sure they'll be fine.   

Acure Organics Fragrance Free Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion
I don't even want to hazard a guess as to how many tubes of Acure's Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion I've gone through in the last couple years, but needless to say, it's more than a few.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my September Empties, I've been wondering since getting this order - my first time trying the lotion in its new packaging - if the formula has changed along with the packaging, as it doesn't seem nearly as moisturizing anymore.  A couple people have agreed with me since then and I also just spotted a review on iHerb saying the same thing, so I'm thinking the change is real.  Total bummer!

Do you shop on iHerb?  Have you used any of these?  

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  1. i'm an avid iherb shopper! my boyfriend and i really love the Goddess Garden sunscreen. i like it in the spritzer bottle as opposed to the aerosol because the aerosol has less product and the mist is too fine and flies away from the body too easily. next time you place an order, try the Hurraw! lip balms. i especially like their spf version. it has only physical blockers and has a creamy consistency that's pretty moisturizing.

    1. That's great to hear about Goddess Garden! I was actually eyeing the two different spray options - they look so easy to use - so I'm glad to hear your opinion after having tried both versions! I really like the Hurraw! Sun Balm too - I'd actually ordered a new one in one of these orders, but it somehow didn't make it here with the rest of the items, so it's sitting in my cart for next time!

  2. Really great post and some great products I am looking forward to trying!

    Eloise xox | www.eloiselovesnature,.co.uk

    1. Thank you! Let me know what you end up trying out :)