Brand Focus: Chorus Supernatural

I was contacted a couple months ago by Chorus Supernatural, a British Columbia company making natural skincare, hair care, body care, and wellness products.  Like most Canadians, I get pretty excited about Canadian companies, and with an extensive range of products and items for kids and adults alike, Chorus Supernatural is a great discovery.  

The entire line is free of synthetics and made with 100% naturally-sourced ingredients.  The "Supernatural" part of the company's name relates to the 4 "supernatural" ingredients that Chorus includes in every product they make.  These 4 ingredients are:

Lithia Mineral Water - Chorus uses water from an untainted hot spring in the Canadian Rockies.  This water is rich in naturally-occurring lithium and has been shown to offer skin revitalizing benefits beyond that of ordinary distilled water. 

Moor Mud - also known as Heilmoor clay, moor is a nutrient- and mineral-rich peat formed by thousands of years of decomposition of herbs, flowers, grasses, and other plants.  Chorus's moor is sourced from remote locations in B.C., far from any industrial activity, ensuring that it remains pure and unpolluted.

Giant Kelp Seaweed - hand-harvested off the northern tip of Vancouver Island, giant kelp absorbs nutrients from the ocean and is rich in potassium, iodine, and 70 other nutrients, including iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, boron, and a variety of beneficial enzymes and proteins.  Chorus uses a liquid seaweed extraction that preserves the chemical composition and nutrients of the seaweed better than dehydration processes that often require a lot of denaturing heat.  

Clay - also sourced from Vancouver Island, Chorus uses clay with a unique blend of minerals, vitamins and crystalline gemstone substances.  It starts out a dark green clay when wet, but dries down to an aqua blue color.  

Chorus kindly sent me a few items from the line to try out.  Let's jump into the products themselves!

CLEANSE Cleansing Gel* ($19.90 for 4.5 oz)
Cleanse is described as a low-foaming cleansing gel for normal to oily skin, but I haven't found it to be stripping or drying, so I think it could suit most skin types.  With a unique, pearly-gel consistency, it glides effortlessly across the skin and rinses away cleanly.  The instructions recommend using the cleanser on a cotton ball, but I much prefer using my fingers, as you would with most cleansing gels.  The cleanser does a fine job removing face makeup, but I prefer to use something else around the eyes.  

POLISH Facial Scrub* ($24.90 for 4.5 oz)
Polish is an extremely gentle scrub made with jojoba beads.  It has a jelly-like consistency, and while the jojoba beads are noticeable, I don't feel like they do a very thorough job exfoliating my skin.  I generally prefer scrubs that are a little more abrasive, but if you're looking for something extra gentle, Polish might be just the ticket.  I did enjoy the relaxing chamomile-lavender scent and the fact that it didn't irritate or dry out my skin.  

MASK Facial Mask* ($22.90 for 2.9 oz)
My favorite of the bunch, Mask is a facial treatment made of just 100% pure moor mud and lithia water.  I've used other moor mud masks in the past and the rich peat is excellent for gentle detoxification and cleaning out the pores.  Without any additional ingredients, the mask smells quite earthy - like, well, mud - so I like mixing in a drop or two of a skin-friendly essential oil like lavender or frankincense.  The mask always leaves my skin looking fresh and glowy and is more gentle and less drying than other types of clay.  The tube needs a good shake before each use, as the water and mud have a tendency to separate, but they blend back together easily, so it's no big deal.  Both the fact that it's ready-to-go in a tube and that it only needs between 3 and 10 minutes on the skin, make this mask a great option for pampering in a hurry!

The Bottom Line
I love Chorus's affordable price point, that they're a Canadian company, and that they make a point of sourcing healthy, natural, and local ingredients for all their products.  Of the three items I tried, I'm most smitten with Mask, an excellent gentle detox mask that's especially great when you're short on time.  Cleanse is a good, non-drying cleanser that I think could work for a lot of different skin types, and while I personally would have liked a little more abrasiveness in Polish, I can see it being a hit for ultra-sensitive skin.

Have you tried anything from Chorus Supernatural? 

* Press sample


  1. These sound gorgeous. I am visiting Canada next year and already planning what natural goodies I want to look out for. This brand will be on my list! X

    1. Awesome! Where in Canada will you be visiting? Let me know if you're looking for any other recommendations :)