Pure Daily Essentials Pure Necessities Set

When it comes to trying new skincare brands, there isn't a lot I love more than a good trial set.  After all, who wants to invest in expensive, full size products only to find out they don't work for you?  Trial sets are a great way to sample a number of products and get a feel for a line without a big financial investment.  Pure Daily Essentials, a small handcrafted skincare company based in British Columbia, kindly sent me their Pure Necessities Set* - minus the facial bar, which contains palm oil - and I've been enjoying trying everything out over the last couple months.  The Pure Necessities set retails for $39.99 and includes mini sizes of seven products.  Keep reading for my take on the set and the individual products: 

Pure Necessities Set (Full size Facial Cream pictured)
Make-Up Remover
The Make-Up Remover is an oil-based makeup remover made with sweet almond and olive oils, plus comfrey root, calendula and chamomile extracts.  As you would expect from the ingredients, it feels very gentle on the skin, but still does a fantastic job removing makeup.  The oil is scented with lavender essential oil, making it a great product to wind down with at the end of the day.  I generally follow the Make-Up Remover with another cleanser, but I wouldn't say it's absolutely necessary.  It's not a product that will splash away with water like an emulsifying cleanser, but it does wipe off fully with a damp washcloth.

Revive Hydration Mist in Sandalwood
The Hydration Mists are blends of water and essential oils intended to bring hydration and balance to the skin.  The Sandalwood Mist is made with sandalwood, as well as geranium, palmarosa, vetiver and ylang ylang.  The 10 ml size is a little too small to form a full opinion, but I enjoyed it - it feels refreshing and has a grounding, earthy scent from the sandalwood and vetiver.  I also appreciated that the tiny spray bottle is glass rather than plastic.

Age Defense Facial Cream
This cream is an interesting midway point between a traditional cream, an oil, and a balm.  Dipping into the jar, it feels like a soft balm, but the product melts into a light oil consistency as you work it into the skin.  With a base of coconut and sunflower oils, unfortunately my skin did end up reacting a little after a few days, so if coconut oil tends to be an issue for you, I wouldn't recommend it.  It did initially leave my skin feeling nicely moisturized and very soft.

Ageless Eyes Advanced Eye Treatment
The Advanced Eye Treatment has a lot of overlapping ingredients with the Age Defense Facial Cream, but used just in the eye area, I didn't experience any problems.  In fact, this ended up being my favorite product of the bunch, and since I tend to be especially hard on eye products, that's not something I say lightly.

Again, this has a soft, balm-like consistency and melts into an oil with the heat of your skin.  I've mostly stuck to using this product in the evenings as it takes a few minutes to completely sink in, and in the morning my eyes are noticeably less puffy and dark circles seem a little lighter too.  

Peppermint Lip Balm
The Peppermint Lip Balm is a nice basic lip balm with a minty tingle.  It has a light, non-waxy feel and really sinks into the lips.  Because of how fully it absorbs, the balm feels very healing and nourishing.  It's not the kind of protective product I'd reach for before venturing out into a snow storm, but it's great for indoors or during the warmer months.

Lavish Hydration Calendula
The Lavish Hydration lotions are body lotions intended to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.  The Calendula lotion is extra soothing with calendula, comfrey and chamomile and has a thin consistency and a feel that reminds me a little of some body oils, in that while it rubs in easily, it takes several minutes to absorb and also leaves the skin with a slight dewy, glossy appearance.  I don't love the scent, a floral-smelling mix of ylang ylang, sweet orange and benzoin, but I do enjoy how soft and hydrated the lotion leaves my skin.  

The Bottom Line
Pure Daily Essentials has some lovely products and the Pure Necessities Set is a good way to try several at once.  With the exception of the Age Defense Facial Cream, which didn't agree with my skin, I enjoyed trying everything, though the standout products for me were the Make-Up Remover and Eye Treatment.

*Press sample


  1. The hydration mist sounds awesome.

    1. If you like earthy, sandalwood type smells, I think you'd enjoy it :)

  2. Sounds interesting. I'm with you, I love a good trial set!

    1. Yes! They're such a great way to get a feel for a line :)