Balanced Guru Toners: Tone It Lightly, Tone It Smoothly + Tone It Deeply

Balanced Guru is a brand I'm becoming increasingly fond of.  The Calming Masque has become one of my favorite skincare items and a staple in my routine, and when I last needed to replenish my supply, I decided to give the company's toners a try as well.  Like all Balanced Guru products, the toners are cruelty free, USDA certified organic, and are made with natural, raw, and sustainably harvested ingredients.

My favorite of the three is Tone It Lightly, a purifying toner intended for oily and congested skin.  With ingredients like witch hazel, thyme, tea tree, lemon verbena, nettle and arnica, the toner is lightly astringent and is intended to balance excess oil production without drying out the skin.  My skin isn't overly oily, but I am prone to clogged pores and congestion on my cheeks and Tone It Lightly did a great job keeping that at bay.  I also liked its herbally-citrus scent and that, as promised, it didn't dry out my skin in the slightest.

I've also enjoyed using Tone It Smoothly, which is intended to calm and maintain sensitive or mature skin.  With a gentle formula and plenty of soothing ingredients like rose, chamomile, lavender and geranium, I found myself reaching for this one less on a daily basis and more often as a gentle mist to re-hydrate face masks or keep them from drying too quickly on my skin.  Tone It Smoothly contains a lot of floral ingredients, but the scent is actually very mild and not overpowering in the least.

Last in the range is Tone It Deeply, the weightiest of the three.  Made with aloe vera, green tea, kelp and spirulina, this toner is made for dry and combination skin and is intended keep pores clean while simultaneously hydrating and encouraging skin renewal.  It's possible I would enjoy this one more in the colder months, but at least right now, I find it sits a little heavy on the skin.  It's not sticky, but it feels more substantial than the other two.  I'm not totally enamored with the scent either, a blend of sweet orange, patchouli, rosemary, benzoin, cedarwood, and carrot seed essential oils.  I'm not a big patchouli fan and to my nose, that's by far the dominant scent.

The Bottom Line
I've most enjoyed using Tone It Lightly and Tone It Smoothly, but I think all three are great, depending on preference and individual skin needs.  The toners are all gentle and are made with fantastic, natural and organic ingredients.  It's also worth mentioning that these toners - even in the trial size - give a wonderful, light, easily-controlled, even mist: the best of any spray toner I've tried.  

Have you used anything from Balanced Guru?


  1. These all sound lovely! I have combination, acneic skin so I think I'll have to experiment with Tone it Lightly and Tone it Deeply.

    1. They really are lovely :) Keep me posted if you end up trying any of them!