Where to Shop: Indie Beauty Shop

Indie Beauty Shop is a new Canadian online store specializing in natural cosmetics and personal care products from independent brands.  I love supporting smaller companies and I think it's great to be able to purchase a curated selection of indie brands all in the same place.  With a focus on safe, clean and performance driven products, everything on the site is free of the regular nasties - parabens, phthalates, silicones, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) - and each product page is clearly labelled to indicate any other criteria the product meets: vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, Canadian, and/or organic.

I've been trying out a few things from three of the lines Indie Beauty Shop carries.  Let's jump right into the products!

NorthMan Grooming Co.
NorthMan is technically, as the name suggests, a men's line, but that hasn't stop me from trying out a couple of their products.  The Hand Balm for Hardworking Hands* ($13.95) - which is more of a thick lotion than a traditional balm - has been working a treat for these lady hands.  It takes a little too long to absorb for me to use it throughout the day, but I've been slathering on a thick layer before bed and waking up to soft, beautifully moisturized hands.  My only complaint is the propanediol in this product - it's certainly not the worst ingredient ever, but I'm not sure I'd buy the hand balm again unless the ingredients changed.

The Shaving Cream* ($13.95) has a rich and creamy feel that's been a big hit too.  Especially in the winter, my skin can dry out a lot after shaving, but I haven't had any issues while I've been using this cream.  It washes off completely clean, but also manages to leave my skin feeling soft, soothed and moisturized.  

Both of these products are unscented and I could see them working well for both men and women.

Paz and Lourdes
I've been happily using Paz and Lourde's 1929 Lip Gloss* ($13.95), a beautiful coral/pink with a golden sheen.  The gloss has a thicker, creamy consistency and packs quite the pigmented punch.  It also smells like vanilla and feel great on the lips.  I've been wearing just this out in the cold and my lips have been well protected.

I also received the Paz and Lourdes Mascara/Eye Lash Gloss* ($14.95), but since I don't like having multiple mascaras open at once, I haven't tried it yet.  It also contains phenoxyethanol, so I'm a little on the fence.  I'll definitely update you guys if/when I try it!

Terra Tribe
I included Terra Tribe's Green & White Mask* ($17.95) in my Post-Flu Skincare Edit and I've happily kept it in rotation since then.  Made with kaolin clay, green clay, green tea extract and white willow bark, this mask is excellent.  It detoxifies your skin and absorbs excess oils, gently exfoliates, and provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial benefits.  

Terra Tribe has a small capsule collection that also includes a cream cleanser, three face oils, and two dry shampoos.

The Bottom Line
Indie Beauty Shop has a good lineup of products, and I especially appreciate that they're from brands I haven't seen anywhere else.  From the products I tried, I definitely think the quality is there and everything is very affordably priced too.  I'm looking forward to seeing the store grow in the future - I can't wait to see what comes next for this shop! 

*Press Sample


  1. This shop sounds amazing! I'd especially love to try the Terra Tribe Green & White Mask for my acneic skin. And, I am a big fan of vanilla so I'm also eyeing the lip gloss.

  2. i'm not familiar with propanediol. would you mind telling me a little about it?

    1. Sure! The first issue is where it is sourced from: propanediol can either be produced from corn, or a petroleum byproduct. Even when it's a plant source, it has to go through several steps of processing to become propanediol, so at that point it's considered a synthetic ingredient by many. Also, it has a very similar chemical structure to propylene glycol, and like PG, it acts as a penetration enhancer, helping whatever else is put on your skin absorb better. Depending what else is in your product, that can be a concern.

      Hope that helps! I haven't found much conclusive research on propanediol, but my general tendency is to err on the side of caution :)