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SkinnySkinny's organic face wash, The Cleanser, made an appearance in my Post-Flu Emergency Skincare Edit, but I decided it deserved its own dedicated post too.  I won this in a giveaway on Instagram a few months ago and I've been thoroughly enjoying it ever since.  According to the bottle -

"This extremely mild facial cleanser is perfect for all skin types.  Made from certified organic ingredients, it gently cleans without drying and leaves skin soft and radiant.  The Cleanser effectively removes makeup, soothes over-stressed skin and minimizes redness.  Plus, it smells really nice."

All of which is pretty accurate if you ask me.  Technically, it's a castile soap-based cleanser, but it really doesn't feel like one.  Much as I know it's not, it actually reminds me more of a light oil cleanser than anything else, especially when you first start working it into the skin.  I like to apply it onto a damp face, which gives the cleanser a great slip and helps it glide easily across the skin.  Next, I wet my fingers and massage the face wash into the skin a second time.  There's a very light lather created here, at which point I either either rinse or wipe the cleanser off with a washcloth.  The Cleanser washes off cleanly, without any kind of film or residue, and it also never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry.  I usually opt to remove my eye makeup with a separate product before using The Cleanser, but you absolutely could use just this if you were so inclined.  

The Cleanser is scented with lavender and chamomile, but I also pick up a sweet, slightly fruity note, alongside the essential oils.  It's made with coconut oil - as well as olive, castor, and jojoba - which, since my skin is not a fan, initially worried me, but I haven't had any problems.  Either the saponification - the process by which oils become soap - took care of whatever component of coconut oil troubles my skin, or, as a cleanser, it's just not staying on my face long enough to cause issues.  Either way I'm happy.  When I'm not using it by itself, I also enjoy playing alchemist with The Cleanser and combining it with one of a couple different powdered cleansers.

I've used SkinnySkinny's face wash at least once everyday for almost three months and I'm about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through my bottle.  At $22 for 4 ounces, the price point is very reasonable, and it's definitely a product I can see myself buying again in the future.  The Cleanser might be my first SkinnySkinny product, but I'm pretty confident it won't be the last thing I try from this lovely company.


  1. Nice post! I had my eye on this brand and really plan to try it soon! x

    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think once you do :)

  2. Sounds lovely! I'll definitely take a look at this brand.

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    1. It is :) I'm starting to worry now that my bottle is getting low!