Sample Stash #8: Graydon Clinical Luxury By Nature

If you saw the interview earlier this week, you'll already know that I had the chance to meet Graydon of Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature at the end of May.  What I failed to mention in that post is how Graydon spoiled me with product samples.  Before this, my experience with the line was limited to the Face Food Mineral Mist, so I was excited to dive into all these goodies!  Here's what I thought of everything...

Probably the product I was most excited to try!  It's a cream cleanser with a light, refreshing citrus scent that easily breaks down makeup and doesn't sting the eyes.  It actually reminded me a lot of Pai's iconic cleanser,  in terms of feel, but 10x better for those of us who don't love rosey floral scents.  

The Serum
The Serum is jam packed with tons of Canadian berry goodness - 50 pounds worth in every bottle!  It's a mix of cranberry, blueberry and raspberry seed oils, rich in antioxidants and omegas.  The oil is light in texture and for my skin, it wasn't quite enough on its own.  It layers really well under other oils or creams though, which is how I've been using it.  

Berry Rich Cream
The Berry Rich Cream takes the same gorgeous berry oils as the serum and sticks them in a cream.  I love the idea and ingredients, but I didn't end up being crazy about this one.  I felt like the cream just sat on top of my skin and never really absorbed.  Maybe it would work better for me in the winter?

The Green Cream
The star ingredient here is brocolli seed oil, which along with chlorophyll and avocado oil, gives the cream a lovely cheery mint hue.  The Green Cream gives a lighter hydration that is perfect on top of The Serum or another face oil. It smells herbal from parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, but it's a light, fresh scent.  

Super Sensitive Skin Stuff
Designed specifically for sensitive skin, this is a super gentle moisturizer without any essential oils or scent.  It's has a light consistency and is probably the quickest absorbing of Graydon's four moisturizers.  

The Putty
Another soothing option, The Putty is great for extra dry or irritated skin.  It has the thickest, heaviest texture of all the creams, but it's still not overly heavy.  It also penetrated and absorbed better for me than the Berry Rich Cream and was great on both the face and any dry patches on the body.  I know Mary of Makeup by Mary B likes using The Putty as a hand cream.

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All Over Soap + Shampoo
I used my sample as body wash, and it was really nice.  I didn't need much to get a great lather and it was gentle and non-drying.   

All Over Face + Body Lotion
With so many other moisturizer options, I didn't end up using this one on my face, but as a body lotion, it worked great.  

All Over Body Oil
First off, this smells so good!  It's a mix of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood that's lovely and soothing.  It makes a fantastic body oil, either on dry or wet skin, and Graydon says you can also use it as an oil cleanser for your face.  I was fully prepared to scoop up a bottle of this until I checked the ingredients again and saw soy oil.  Now I'm conflicted.  It's a bit of a knee jerk for me and strictly personal preference, but soy oil is not something I like seeing in my products, so while I enjoyed the sample (a lot!), as it stands right now, it's probably not something I'll be purchasing.  
ETA: I've just learned that the soy oil is organic and GMO-free, which is a big step up from the alternative!

Hand + Foot Relief
I get dry feet, so I'm a huge fan of foot creams.  Hand + Foot Relief is infused with Graydon's Germs Away AromaBlend, which lends a spicy peppermint scent and provides antimicrobial action to help kill topical germs.  The cream is lighter than a lot of foot creams, but it still manages to really hydrate.  It also works well on hands.

Hair Smoothie
I don't think either Graydon or I was expecting my curly hair to get on especially well with this product, but I ended up really liking it.  It's light, but it still gave enough moisture to my hair.  It also has the same broccoli seed oil and chlorophyll that I liked so much in The Green Cream.  

Sun Cream
The Sun Cream is probably the least fussy natural sunscreen I've ever used.  It's creamy and does take a minute to work into the skin fully, but once you've done that, it's pretty well invisible.  No whitecase and no oily shine.  The sun protection comes from zinc oxide, but the cream also includes sun reflective oils like raspberry seed and cherry kernal, as well as antioxidant green tea to protect against UV damage.  

As kind of the glammed up version of the Sun Cream, Glow contains mica, which imparts a subtle, golden glow.  It's not overly shimmery, but overall, I think I preferred the invisibile Sun Cream for my face.  Glow is super pretty on the shoulders and decollete though. 

In Summary...
It was lovely meeting Graydon and learning more about both her and her product line, which embodies a lot of what I'm most drawn to in green beauty - simple, plant-based ingredients, but ones that are potent and deliver real results.  Scents across the line are essential oil-based and fairly light and there's a good variety of products to suit virtually anyone.  

The skincare definitely stood out for me more than the body products, but those are great within their own right too.  Top of my list would be The Cleanser, The Green Cream, and The Putty, but the Hair Smoothie and Sun Cream are not far behind!

Have you tried anything from Graydon?

(P.S. I've gotten a couple questions since the last post on how internationals can get their hands on Graydon products.  Clementine Fields stocks most of the line and offers worldwide shipping) 


  1. I've never heard of this line, but it seems really good, thanks for the informative, in depth review! Love the blog

    1. Thanks! It's a great line - definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance! :)

  2. Currently using The Putty - and even using it to treat my husband's burn as the second ingredient is aloe. I also use the serum at night. Unfortunately, the combo and my current cleanser (Stark) have not been able to solve my acne issues, but I plan to try the Graydon serum soon. My husband is currently trying out my sample of the Sun Cream on his walk to work - so I may be ordering a full bottle of that soon. I love that this brand is produced in my own province <3

  3. ... ^plan to try the Graydon cleanser soon ^ (yeash. I should proof read better).

    1. I love how nearby Graydon is too - that's definitely what first drew me to the line. Also, very clever, I don't think I would have thought of using The Putty on a burn, but it does make sense now that you mention it!

      Sorry your current routine isn't working as well as you want it to. I don't have much issue with acne/breakouts (touch wood), so I can't speak to that specifically, but the cleanser is extra gentle and even soothing, so I expect it'd be a good option for that :)