Graydon Face Food Mineral Mist

Floral waters and essential oil hydrosols really dominate the natural market when it comes to toners, and while I've nothing against those, it's always nice to have choices.  Graydon's Face Food Mineral Mist is a water-based formula that's both simple and unique.  It's comprised purely of three ionic minerals: copper, silver, and zinc.  In this form, the minerals easily penetrate skin cell structure and are able to provide both individual and collective benefits to your skin.

Copper helps in the production of collagen and elastin, contributing to firmer, more supple skin.  Silver penetrates and kills bacteria deep in the pores, while also neutralizing any fluoride left behind from the tap water used to wash your face.  Lastly, anti-inflammatory zinc manages bacteria on the skin, effectively reducing redness and irritation.  

All three come together to make a gentle, scent-free mist that offers light, soothing hydration.  I mainly use it as a toner, after cleansing and before applying any serums or oils, but it can also be used throughout the day to perk up your skin with an extra dose of moisture.  

When my skin is good, the mist is light, hydrating, and makes a good base for oils and serums.  But, it's on more iffy skin days that Face Food really shines.  It's quickly become one of the first things I reach for if I have any breakouts.  With nothing to irritate or inflame already sensitive skin, it's a fantastic, soothing mist.  I'm pretty confident it's helped a few blemishes heal up faster than they otherwise would have too! 

The Bottom Line
For anyone searching for a great water-based toner or mist, Graydon's Face Food is an excellent contender to keep in mind.  It makes a good base for serums and oils and is light, refreshing, and completely non-sticky.  The simple ingredients are great if you have more sensitive skin, and I'd especially recommend it for anyone with more acne-prone skin, since I noticed a definite reduction in the healing time of breakouts while using this product. 

Where to Buy: $29 from Clementine Fields/Graydon

Ingredients: ionic copper, silver and zinc infused in purified water and nothing else!

Disclosure: Product provided for review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for free product, nor was I compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. The ingredients got me so curious! I might just add this to my never-ending wish list!

  2. Sounds a very nice product. Loving toner...!

  3. Sounds lovely. I've heard mixed reviews on the use of silver in products, not enough to keep me from trying this though. Like Ru-chan, will add it to my never-ending list lol. xo