March Empties / Products I've Used Up

Have you ever tried explaining empties posts to someone outside of the beauty blogging/vlogging world?  Describe that you save your trash and photograph and write about it every month and wait for the blind confusion to appear on their face.   Honestly.

These are some of my favorite posts - both to read and write - and I think they're great for final wrap-ups and mini reviews after using products for a good while, so I'm glad so many of you lovelies get it and feel the same.  So, without further ado, here's what I finished up during March:

New Roots Organic Goji Seed Oil
I was given this at the CHFA trade show in the fall and was curious to see how all the goji berry hype would translate into an oil.  I'm happy to say it's all good here.  I've been big on mixing my own oil blends the last several months and I really liked including this one.  It's hydrating but not heavy and has a very mild scent.  
Repurchase? Yes.

Nourish Almond Vanilla Body Wash*   [Review]
Nourish's body washes are creamy, non-drying and just a delight to use.  This was my first time trying the almond vanilla and it did not disappoint.  I usually have several body washes on the go at a time, so this took me a while to finish up, but it smelled delicious and made me feel as though I was lathering up with delicious cake batter every time I used it.  
Repurchase? Not right away, but yes!  I stocked up on body wash during Nourish's Black Friday sale, so I've still got a couple other new-to-me scents here to try before I'll be buying any more.  

Nourish Unscented Body Butter
Another fantastic Nourish product, the body butter is the perfect consistency and did a great job keeping my skin soft and hydrated during the winter.  It's especially great for feet and on any super dry, itchy spots.
Repurchase? Definitely!

Kirk's Fragrance Free Original Coco Castile Soap
I decided to pick this up after noticing that the one constant across most of my favorite bar soaps is coconut oil.  That said, while there's nothing wrong with this one - it's gentle and produces a good lather - I realize I like my soaps to have a little more pizzazz than this unscented basic.  The price, at right around the $2 mark, is pretty hard to beat though.
Repurchase? Probably not.

Bath Petals Sicilian Blood Orange Shower Gel
I liked this shower gel at first, but at some point it began irritating and drying my skin out and got set aside.  The last 1/4 or so ended up relegated to makeup brush washing and other cleaning around the house.
Repurchase? Nope.

Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner   [Review]
I really liked how this product worked as a refresher on second day curls, but I'm left waffling over the cost when my Beautiful Curls spray works equally well (although it doesn't smell quite as good) for 1/3 of the price.
Repurchase? Maybe one day, when I'm feeling flush.

Lucy Minerals Lucy Light Finishing Powder   [Review]
This is a really great powder that's been a part of my everyday makeup routine for over a year now, regardless of what foundation I'm wearing.  Be it a cream, liquid, or powder, this finishing powder sets it, helps it last longer, and blurs minor fine lines and imperfections.
Repurchase?  Yup!  It's very likely.

Crazy Rumors Cola Lip Balm   [Review]
Initially I wasn't a fan of the cola flavor at all, so this lip balm ended up languishing forgotten in a drawer for a long time.  Now that I'm making a concerted effort to use up any and all started lip balms, I dug it out to try again, and I have to say, the flavor's nowhere near as bad as I remembered!  It still wasn't my favorite, but it was completely useable.  Crazy Rumor's lip balm formula is always lovely, so I was glad to be able to make use of it.  
Repurchase? Yes, in a different flavor.

Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara   [Review]
With a couple brief exceptions, this is the mascara I've been using consistently for the last several years.  It's not super dramatic, but it does the job without irritating my eyes or smudging or flaking.
Repurchase? Yes, I already have.

Silk Naturals Lovelace Blush (sample)
Peach blushes are always what I reach for first and Lovelace is gorgeous.  It's a bright, vibrant peach, but Silk Naturals' sheer blush formula is super blendable, so it's still an easy color to wear.  The color is supposed to be a clone of Nars Deepthroat.  
Repurchase? Not sure.  I love Silk Naturals, but my skin is funny with their blushes.  Some days I'm completely fine wearing them and others they give me angry-looking red bumps and need to be washed off immediately.  Which is sad because the colors are SO pretty.

* Indicates PR sample
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  1. LOL! I actually tried explaining an empties post to my boyfriend the other day. All I got was a blank stare. hahaha. Very nice set of products, I am really eyeing the Nourish products!

    1. I guess it does sound a little bizarre once you try to explain it! Nourish products are fantastic...I think you'd really enjoy them :)

  2. Like Amber I really wanna try the Nourish products! :) Goji seed oil also sounds great! xx

    1. All three are great! I definitely recommend trying them :)

  3. Love your empties post as always! :) Your intro is spot on, lol.

  4. Haha i really like your introduction! :) NOT. i don't really want to explain that :))


    1. So true...maybe some things are better left unexplained :)

  5. Empties posts are always my favourite too x

    1. Yes! I'm not sure if it's curiosity, nosiness, or something else entirely but they're just fun!

  6. My husband accidentally stumbled upon a box where I kept my empties, and so I just casually responded with 'ya I've used these up I'm saving them for a blog post' and he didn't even flinch. He probably is used to my blogging habits and don't really think twice now.

    Love your empties as always, I recently got a sample of Love lace too and I thought it was a little too shimmery in the pot? I really like Heavenly Glow, have you tried that out!

    1. Haha :) I definitely have people like that too...I think they just accept the blogging quirks without trying to understand them.

      Thanks! I know what you mean about Lovelace in the pot, but I didn't find the shimmer transferred all that much on the face. I haven't actually tried any of Silk Naturals' glows, but I really like a couple of the perfecting glows (cross between a glow and perfecting powder), so I think I need to check those out next!

  7. I tried to explain 'empties' to my sister once and she just started back at me like I was crazy lol! You used up some lovely products here, I love those Crazy Rumors lip balms but haven't tried that one x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. It's so funny how some blogger things make so little sense in "the real world." I definitely want to try more Crazy Rumors!

  8. haha I laughed at your opener. It's so true, the blank stare and confusion is spot on. I love your empties because I always discover something new, like goji seed oil which I now must try.